Notre Dame is committed to presenting professional marketing materials to external audiences. As part of our comprehensive planning, we strive to ensure that your materials have the best photography possible included in them.

Photography Services

Most key photography used for recruiting materials are provided by professional photographers and are meticulously executed to present an accurate yet appealing view of the University. With the advent of digital cameras, however, many amateur photographers have provided us with great shots for web initiatives as well as other marketing and promotion communications.

Your photography may help the University in a significant way. The Office of Marketing Communications reserves the right to reject any photograph that does not meet our identity standards for technical or editorial reasons.

The Office of Marketing Communications provides the following photographic services:

  • Requests for photos for digital, print and email communications
  • Coverage of official institutional events, such as Commencement, Honors Convocation and Reunion
  • Partial or full coverage of major special events, such as the Baldwin or Busta lectures, move-in day, etc.
  • Faculty and staff profile photography at scheduled times during the fall and spring semesters

Note that few special event photographs are used in marketing materials, but may be useful for news and web stories where appropriate.

With hundreds of special events at the University every year, we cannot provide full photographic coverage. We can recommend professional photographers for your event; however, note that professional photographic services are generally expensive in nature and should be budgeted for ahead of time. Student photographers may be available for hire as well.

Photo Release Forms

Any photographs taken under the direction of the Office of Marketing Communications may be used in news stories, on or in University publications. Photo release forms are not usually required for news events, but photo release forms must be obtained for any guest or visitor photographed specifically for marketing or editorial purposes. When in doubt, complete Notre Dame’s model release form. One signed copy is retained in the Office of Marketing Communications; a second copy is given to the model.

Photo release forms are not necessary for photographs taken of staff members, faculty members and current students. Model releases are not needed for photography taken at special events such as Commencement, Honors Convocation and Reunion/Family Weekend; however, any individual who does not consent to the use of his or her photograph by the University must notify—in writing—the Office of Institutional Advancement, Notre Dame of Maryland University, 4701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210, within 10 days of an event. A phone number should be included in any such correspondence.

Any photograph of a minor child—including prospective students visiting the University at admissions events and children enrolled in A Child’s Place and Camp Notre Dame—require a model release form that has been completed by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

If a photograph is submitted for use without proper documentation, the photograph will be rejected for inclusion in University publications.

Photographs of politicians, celebrities or other notable visitors may be used in news stories but can rarely be used in marketing publications unless explicit permission has been given. Use of such photographs implies an endorsement of the University and violates ethical guidelines.