The Institutional Assessment Plan describes and defines the annual assessment process at Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) in terms of assessment of institutional effectiveness, assessment of student learning outcomes, and achievement of strategic goals and outcomes.

Assessment at NDMU occurs across campus, in every unit and program on campus, and during each academic and calendar year. 

Beginning at the course or unit level, assessment builds on foundational activities at the base of the assessment pyramid and moves up through departments and programs, to schools and divisions, to an overall institutional assessment. 

In this context, the University engages in assessment of:

  • student learning outcomes in the major and co-curricular activities;
  • general education competencies across all departments and programs; and
  • institutional effectiveness.

The annual assessment process at NDMU is built from the mission, vision, strategic priorities, and goals that inform the work of the institution and the outcomes that demonstrate the effectiveness and success of that work.

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