Distinguished guests and Notre Dame community members presented greetings to Dr. Yam
State of Maryland

On Behalf of the State of Maryland
Dr. Jennie Hunter-Cevera
Acting Secretary of Higher Education

Good afternoon.  It is an honor to be here today representing our Great State of Maryland and Governor Larry Hogan. The Governor sends his congratulations and best wishes to President Marylou Yam for a most successful tenure.  Under her leadership, we know that the rich traditions and standards of excellence will be expanded on many fronts.  Notre Dame of Maryland University is one of those very special universities that offer both young and older students a culture of challenge to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives, to respect the individual within their communities, and to promote social responsibility at the global level. 

We are gathered here today on a beautiful campus filled with energy and excitement to celebrate the inauguration of a very talented woman whose career accomplishments have given her the skill set and capabilities needed to lead Notre Dame of Maryland University to meet the many needs and challenges that Maryland and the Nation are facing today.  She takes the helm of a great university founded on solid beliefs and a strong mission statement.

I had the opportunity to listen to President Yam at a reception held by MHEC in Annapolis.  The attendees and I were most impressed with the intellect, vision and passion she has for Notre Dame.  After listening to her speak, we knew that she is the right individual to lead the students, faculty and staff to achieve even more greatness. 

President Yam – Congratulations!  May the Lord’s word continue to be the lamp unto your feet and the light for your path.  God Bless You and this University.

Baltimore City Council

On Behalf of the Baltimore City Council
The Honorable Bill Henry
City Council Member, District 4

Dr. Yam, distinguished presidents, delegates, Secretary Hunter-Cevera, Chairman Gemignani and the Trustees of the University, esteemed faculty, students, alumni, and revered guests – good morning.

I bring you greetings and congratulations from the Mayor of the City of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake; the Comptroller of the City of Baltimore, Joan Pratt; and from the President of the Baltimore City Council, Bernard C. “Jack” Young; as well as from the entire City Council of Baltimore.

I am particularly enthusiastic to be here with you today given my personal connections to Notre Dame. First of all, my mother is a double alumna here - having received both her undergraduate degree and her masters in management - and is a former employee of the Library.  In fact, when my sister and I were in grade school, my mother would walk us back to work with her every day after school, through the absolutely stunningly-gorgeous campus.

Second, having known how beautiful it is around here since I was a kid, when I got married, I talked my wife into a home down the street from the Library…so we've been neighbors of Notre Dame for over twenty years.  Living so close to Notre Dame has provided many benefits: sledding, teaching our kids to ride bikes and play tennis, and of course, the opportunity to walk here this morning!

Third, and perhaps most fitting given the occasion, during my own undergraduate experience at another institution of higher education down the street, I took advantage of cross-registration to enroll in a course myself at the then-College of Notre Dame of Maryland, during my senior year.  I stand here this morning, bringing you these greetings, only a few buildings over from where I completed “Introduction to Public Speaking” almost 23 years ago.   

It is connections like these which bind Notre Dame to thousands of Baltimoreans and Marylanders.  As the City Councilperson for this district, I have been pleased and proud to be a part of Notre Dame’s ever-growing commitment to its surrounding community, watching as it knits itself ever tighter to our civic and social fabric.  

Notre Dame of Maryland University, under both its new name and its old one, has been one of this City’s most revered institutions for generations, and all of us at City Hall are delighted to see it continue to move forward under Dr. Yam’s leadership.  Thank you.

Maryland Independent College and University Association

On Behalf of Maryland Independent College and University Association
Dr. Kevin Manning
President of Stevenson University and the Chair of MICUA

Dr. Yam, you are joining a rich tradition of higher education in maryland, and I am honored to offer greetings on behalf of Maryland’s 16 independent colleges and universities. Collectively, we serve over 60,000 students each year. We welcome you.

I know I speak for all my colleagues when I say we are here to help you fulfill your mission to “transform the world through education.”

You bring impressive credentials to Notre Dame of Maryland University. You bring a deep and active commitment to social responsibility. You bring energy and innovation. most importantly, you bring new vision and leadership.

Dr. Jim Gallagher, former president of Philadelphia University, who spoke at my inauguration in 2000 described leadership this way:

“Leadership is an invisible strand as mysterious as it is powerful. Leadership guides. It creates unity out of disorder. No combination of talents can guarantee it. It cannot be created where there is no spark. The qualities of leadership are universal: they are found in the poor and the rich, the humble and the proud, the common PERSON, and the brilliant thinker….  The most precious and intangible quality of leadership is trust.”

Dr. Yam, Notre Dame of Maryland University is entrusting its future to you and the university is blessed to have you as its leader so it can continue its special mission of educating women in Maryland and around the country.

Dr. Yam, we celebrate this special moment with you and the Notre Dame community.  Again, welcome to Maryland. 

Catholic Colleges and Universities

On Behalf of Catholic Colleges and Universities
Father Brian Linnane
President of Loyola University Maryland

I’m delighted to be here with all of you today to celebrate the inauguration of President Yam.

Today I am honored not just to represent Loyola University Maryland, Notre Dame’s closest neighbor in higher education, but also to speak on behalf of Catholic colleges and universities far beyond our block of North Charles Street.

Catholic education—particularly Catholic higher education—is well-known for the exceptional academics we offer to our students, as well as giving them a strong moral foundation and encouraging them to think beyond themselves and take on active roles in bettering their communities.

Today, more than ever, with all the challenges we face around the globe, Catholic colleges and universities play an even greater role in graduating leaders who can apply all they have learned to bring about peace and change and justice. And we feel confident that they will.

As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has said, “How much good has been done by Catholic schools and universities around the world!”

How much good has been done by the School Sisters of Notre Dame and their colleagues at Notre Dame of Maryland University already in their history—and how much more can we look forward to seeing under President Yam’s leadership.

On behalf of all Catholic colleges and universities, I extend a warm welcome to President Yam. We wish you all the best in your role as president of Notre Dame—and, of course, you and your university community are in our prayers.

Women’s Institutions and SSND-Sponsored Works

On Behalf of Women’s Institutions and SSND-Sponsored Works
Sister Patricia McCarron
Headmistress of Notra Dom Preparatory School

Dr. Yam, it is my honor and my pleasure to greet you, the fourteenth president of Notre Dame of Maryland University on behalf of Women’s Institutions and otherSchool Sisters of Notre Dame-sponsored works.

We welcome you with “alleluia hearts” and “joyous spirits”.  We pledge to be partners with you in fulfilling the mission conceived by Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger and carried out by generations of School Sisters and lay colleagues dedicated to the ministry of transformational education. 

Together, in Mother Theresa’s spirit, we educate so that individuals, particularly women, may reach the fullness of their potential.  In her spirit, we educate so all individuals may direct their gifts toward the building of the earth.  In her spirit, we educate so the world may be changed through the transformation of persons. 

We give thanks for the gift of your life and the gift you are to Notre Dame of Maryland University.  We extend to you our friendship and our gratitude.  We promise to hold you in our prayers. 

May the words of Mother Theresa take root in your soul and inspire your presidency, “Love gives everything gladly; everything again and again daily”. 

May God grant you the grace and courage to lead faithfully and fearlessly.  May the Risen Lord accompany you on each step of the journey.  May the Spirit be your guide as you pursue truth.  And may you come to know at the deepest level the blessing that is Notre Dame.

Congratulations to you, Dr. Yam, on this most special day.

Colleagues in Higher Education

On Behalf of Colleagues in Higher Education
Dr. Eugene Cornacchia
President of Saint Peter’s University

Good afternoon.

I am honored to bring greetings and felicitations from Saint Peter’s University and colleagues in higher education to celebrate the installation of Dr. Marylou Yam as the fourteenth president of Notre Dame of Maryland University. You have already found Dr. Yam to be ideally suited to lead Notre Dame of Maryland at this moment in your history because of her deep commitment to her Catholic faith, and her dedication to excellence, innovation, inclusion and service. We at Saint Peter’s know from her twenty-five years with us, that her leadership, vision and drive will shepherd Notre Dame of Maryland to even greater days ahead.

As collaborators in Catholic education, our institutions share a faith-based commitment to academic distinction, the liberal arts tradition and preparation of leaders for socially responsible lives. Dr. Yam has advanced these goals by fully serving her university community and by building inclusive bridges with the surrounding and even international community. Her leadership will serve Notre Dame of Maryland University, its students and graduates well to promote your mission “to educate leaders to transform the world.” 

She is, in so many admirable ways, a woman for others.  As a true advocate of Catholic higher education, Dr. Yam is superbly equipped to lead Notre Dame of Maryland University to greater opportunities here in Baltimore and beyond.

Marylou – You have been a deeply caring and esteemed colleague. The Saint Peter’s University family is so very proud of you! Congratulations to you and Notre Dame of Maryland University!

Thank you.  Godspeed


On Behalf of the Faculty
Geoff Delanoy
Associate professor of art and president of the faculty senate

Greetings from the faculty of Notre Dame of Maryland University. We are delighted to welcome you to our Notre Dame community. We look forward to working with you as we partner to live out the mission of the University, based on the progressive vision of our founders, the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

President Yam, our recent past has witnessed immense change for the Notre Dame community, our transition to a University with four Schools: Arts and Sciences, Education, Nursing and Pharmacy. Across all of the Schools, you join a community of teacher-scholars dedicated to teaching and learning, and committed to carrying out the mission of the University: to educate leaders to transform the world. We look to the future with enthusiasm for continued success.

In the short time that we have come to know you, we recognize you as a student-focused leader with the vision and energy to lead us forward. We applaud your endeavors to continue increasing the University’s presence as a distinctive institution, to be known regionally, nationally, and internationally. We support your efforts to enhance student success through rigorous academic experiences. 

We look forward to your encouragement and clear vision as we partner to devise innovative and effective solutions to the challenges facing Notre Dame in the twenty-first century.


On Behalf of the Students
Gabrielle Jacobson
Undergraduate Student Representative from the Women’s College
Class of 2015

Good afternoon honored guests, fellow students, faculty, staff, and Dr. Yam. I am honored to have the opportunity to welcome our fourteenth president on behalf of all undergraduate students as Student Government President. In the short time she has been here, Dr. Yam has already made a lasting impression on the Notre Dame community.  She is constantly working hard and on the go but will never fail to stop and chat.

I have had a few opportunities to have a conversation with Dr. Yam and each time I felt as if I was truly being listened to. Dr. Yam is always open to any feedback concerning the University and genuinely embodies our mission to strive for excellence.

Under Dr. Yam's leadership, Notre Dame will no doubt continue to produce future leaders that will transform the world. The undergraduate students extend a warm welcome to Dr. Yam as a member of the Notre Dame community.

I would now like to introduce Denise Mason, the representative for the graduate students.

Denise Mason
Graduate Student Representative in Contemporary Communication
Class of 2016

On behalf of students in graduate programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University, I would like to officially extend a sincere collective welcome to our fourteenth president, Dr. Marylou Yam.  

We welcome her advocacy for liberal arts in higher education and find encouragement in her commitment to the university’s Catholic traditions and innovative professional programs.   

Because I am also a graduate of CAUS (College for Adult Undergraduate Students), I’d like to note that 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Notre Dame’s part-time programs for non-traditional age learners. This anniversary confirms the University’s commitment to adult education and innovative solutions for adult learners in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Nontraditional-aged students’ educational needs are different from those of conventional college students.  Dr. Yam’s own academic experiences enable her to empathize with us and thereby support us in our various scholastic endeavors.  

Most graduate students, and adult learners in general, juggle commitments to work, family, community activities, and studies. Dr. Yam recognizes that flexibility is key to our success as scholars and professionals.  

Dr. Yam, by your own example you challenge us to embrace the University’s mission to transform the world.   Thank you for your inspiration.  We wish you continued success and wholeheartedly welcome you to NDMU. 

Alumnae and Alumni

On Behalf of Alumnae and Alumni
Lisa McMurtrie
President of the Alumnae and Alumni Association
Weekend College Graduate, Class of 1993

There are more than 20,000 graduates of Notre Dame, living and working in all 50 states and in 37 countries, and I am tremendously honored to represent them today for the installation of our new president. We are very proud of our institution. As graduates of Notre Dame, our careers have been inspired and spirituality enhanced and our lives enriched by our experiences on this campus.

We have many stories to share, and Dr. Yam has already heard a good number of them! From her first day on campus, Marylou recognized and fostered the unique connection between Notre Dame of Maryland and her graduates. She has participated in time-honored traditions such as Reunion 2014 and 100 Nights. She has traveled locally and nationally to meet with alumnae and alumni to share her vision for this great institution. She sought our suggestions, asked questions and engaged our support.

Alumnae and alumni are committed to Notre Dame, and knowing that Marylou Yam is as committed as we are to the success of our institution makes our faith in her leadership well placed indeed.  Congratulations and welcome!

NDMU Staff

On behalf of the staff of Notre Dame of Maryland University
Erin Foley
Director of Athletics and 2015 Distinguished Staff Award Recipient

On behalf of the staff of Notre Dame of Maryland University, we enthusiastically welcome Dr. Marylou Yam as our 14th President.  We also wish to welcome members of Dr. Yam’s family and our honored guests. Thank you for being with us today.

Over the past year, your strategic leadership has impressed and inspired us, and we look forward to watching your vision for this great institution unfold.  This university is truly a community committed to a mission to help our students transform the world, a mission The School Sisters of Notre Dame gave us to guide our efforts and our daily work.  Dr. Yam, we have seen you live this mission each day since you arrived on campus.  Your steadfast commitment to the ideals of this university serves as a guide for all of us to work towards each day.  We look forward to seeing what this University can become under your leadership.  Welcome to the NDMU Family!