headshot of Juston Summerville

Juston Summerville

Great experience and Opportunity

Student, NDMU Class of 2024
Notre Dame of Maryland University’s School of Pharmacy has been a great experience and opportunity for me. I started my pharmacy career in 2019 as a Pharmacy Technician at Johns Hopkins Hospital where I met a young pharmacy intern that was in his third year at NDMU. I was impressed with his work ethic, his excitement, and the enthusiasm he had about his future was contagious. He told me all about the resources and opportunities that he enjoyed as a pharmacy student at NDMU, and how excited he was about his future. I applied immediately.

The faculty at NDMU inspire me and give me the tools I need to be the best version of myself. I enjoy the unique classes that allow for hands-on experiences while learning the craft. And at the same time we are afforded the opportunity to serve our community, expand our knowledge, and improve upon our professionalism and confidence. Not only has the NDMU Pharmacy program helped my career grow as a healthcare provider, but as a person as well. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.