Briana Johnson

One Team, One Family

Student, NDMU Class of 2017 Hometown: Baltimore, MD

By becoming a student-athlete at NDMU, I expanded my family; who are my teammates and coaches. For 3 months, we spend at least 12 hours a week with each other to play the one thing that we love: lacrosse. We bond and get to know each other during the season and create relationships that are unforgettable.

Notre Dame caught Briana Johnson’s eye as it consisted of the qualities that she wanted in a school. “It was so close that I can go home and see my family whenever I want to. The scholarship made it affordable to attend, and seeing that it is division III, I could be a student athlete."

Playing lacrosse for all four years of her college career, Johnson learned that being a student-athlete consists of balancing her academics, sports, clubs and social life. “Being a student-athlete has taught me time management and organizational skills. By being part of a team, I learned how to work better with different personalities, be more adaptable to situations, and gained leadership skills.”

“Playing a sport was an outlet; it gave me time to take a break from school, life, or anything that stressed me out by releasing frustration and not worrying about anything outside lacrosse. I have grown to love lacrosse and my team even more. I have enjoyed playing and learning from my experiences and will be sad that this will be my last season.”