Jasmine Wise

Opportunity for New Experiences

Student, NDMU Class of 2017 Philosophy Hometown: Baltimore, MD

I got a chance to meet new people; I ran into some hardships and successfully overcame them. Experiencing the first Notre Dame cross country team will forever stay with me.

Why did you choose Notre Dame?

I came to Notre Dame because it is a smaller school that would pay more attention to my needs than a larger school.

What do you like about your classes?

I like my classes because they are interactive, open to questions and different opinions. The classes also have a positive atmosphere and you build relationships with professors that are willing to help you.

How did you get into clubs/sports and activities?

I was not interested in any clubs or organizations and as of result, I felt like i was left out of a lot of activities. I decided to join the running club because I wanted to get in shape and bond more with my friends that were also in the club. Eventually, the running club turned into the first cross country team at Notre Dame. After experiencing my first time on a team, I improved on my communication skills, I learned how to work underpressure, and mental toughness played a big role throughout the season.