If you are applying to medical, dental, or veterinary schools, the application often requests a committee letter of recommendation.

This single letter of recommendation, written by members of the Pre-Health Professions Committee, gives admissions officers a more comprehensive view of you as a student, because it is written with input from many faculty members.​

Committee Timeline

Dates are approximate and shift slightly from year to year. The Pre-Health Advisor will announce exact dates each academic year.

  • Late fall semester – Info session about the criteria for getting an interview and committee letter
  • Early February – Student Interest Form due for all students intending to apply in the upcoming application cycle
  • April (4 weeks prior to May meetings) – 6th committee member form due (for May meetings)
  • May (1 week prior to May meetings) – All remaining paper work due (for May meetings)
  • Late May – Interviews held
  • June-July – Faculty write letters for qualifying students
  • July (4 weeks prior to August meetings) – 6th committee member form due (for August meetings)
  • August (1 week prior to August meetings) – All remaining paper work due (for August meetings)

Committee Members

Dr. Rebecca Zordan
Assistant Professor, Biology Department
Pre-Health Professions Advisor & Chair of Committee

  • Dr. Brian Christy,
  • Dr. Kenneth Sossa
  • Dr. Angela Sherman
  • Dr. Paul Weldon
  • Dr. Jocelyn McKeon (alternate)
  • Dr. Charles Buerhle (alternate)