Notre Dame of Maryland University offers strong preparatory programs for Undergraduate Studies students who wish to enter medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy and law schools.

Our programs provide the individualized attention and support you need to get ready for a challenging professional program at the graduate level.

Pre-Professional Coordinator

From your first day at Notre Dame, you will have the opportunity to work with a pre-professional coordinator. This faculty member can help you tailor your program of study to your own strengths and interests, as well as professional goals and aspirations.

Pre-professional coordinators can help you:

  • Choose a profession that aligns with your interests and goals
  • Select an undergraduate program(s) of study that will ensure the completion of appropriate prerequisites for admission to a professional school
  • Monitor your academic progress through in-depth, one-on-one advising sessions
  • Explore experiential learning opportunities and secure internships
  • Connect with alumnae and alumni who currently work in your career field of interest
  • Connect with faculty who have attended professional schools and worked in the field

Applying to a Professional School

Your pre-professional coordinator can also offer assistance with your application process by:

  • Conducting pre-professional informational seminars
  • Monitoring any changes in professional school admissions requirements
  • Providing a timeline for the application process
  • Offering guidance on enhancing performance on pre-professional admissions tests, including MCAT, LSAT, and PCAT
  • Assisting in securing letters of recommendation
  • Improving student interviewing skills through mock interviews with pre-professional committees

Liberal Arts Matter

Many students don’t realize that professional schools are willing to consider applicants from a wide range of undergraduate majors. In fact, any major that gives a broad training in the liberal arts and allows the student to successfully complete the requirements for admission is typically acceptable to professional schools.