Health Professions

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Podiatry
  • Optometry
  • *Pharmacy – consult with Pre-Pharmacy advisor, Dr. Jennifer Kerr
  • *Nursing – consult with Pre-nursing advisor, Jenna Hoffman
  • *Radiological Sciences – consult with Rad Science advisor, Dr. Kris Kirk

NDMU Pre-Health

You can be ANY major and also be pre-health! Whatever major you choose, you need to complete the pre-requisite coursework, gain clinical experiences, and take the entrance exams necessary to gain entrance into the professional school of your choice. The pre-health advisor will help you stay on track.


As a secondary advisor in addition to your major advisor, the pre-health advisor will:

  • Provide information on health-related fields
  • Meet each semester to plan your courses
  • Advise you on gaining clinical, research, and shadowing experience
  • Track your progress through typical pre-requisite coursework
  • Help you prepare for entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, GRE)
  • Guide you on the timeline of preparation & applications
  • Coordinate committee interviews and committee letters of recommendation for pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-vet students
  • Advise on ways to improve your competitiveness as an applicant
  • Provide general advising throughout the semester

Pre-Health Professions Committee

Our Pre-Health Professions Committee will assist you with the application process for medical professional schools. The committee will also prepare a letter of recommendation for any applicant who has met the requirements.

Learn More about Pre-Health Professions Committee

Becky Zordan

Becky Zordan

Assistant Professor, Pre-Professional Advisor