Notre Dame of Maryland University FAFSA school code: 002065

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FAFSA Verification: Don't Panic and Don't Wait

This resource provides simple steps for students selected for the FAFSA verification process.

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Apples to Apples: 3 Steps to Finding the Best College Deal

This worksheet helps students calculate cost and compare colleges they're most interested in.

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Parent PLUS Loans: Are They Right for You?

This resource offers a quick overview of PLUS loans, so students can decide whether they're a a good option for them and their families.

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FAFSA Facts and Fiction: Get the Truth - and the Money You Need for College

This guide addresses the most common barriers to filing the FAFSA, especially for low-income students.

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Six Items and 22 Minutes: All You Need to Fill out the FAFSA

This resource addresses the misconception that the FAFSA takes a long time to complete and requires documentation that is difficult to access.

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Financial Aid Vocab Cheat Sheet

This glossary explains common acronyms and terms in the financial aid process.

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A Second Look: Appealing Your Aid Award When Family Finances Shift

This guide addresses the professional judgment/special circumstances appeal process and how to indicate on the FAFSA that a parent is unemployed.

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The FAFSA: The Most Important Financial Aid Form You’ll Ever Fill Out

This comprehensive resource incorporates elements featured in the previous guides, including a section on where to get help filing the FAFSA.

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