Please note the following changes for 2023-2024 in regard to Financial Aid Forms:

Changing Offered/Accepted Loan Amounts

Changes to offered/accepted loan amounts (including cancellation) no longer require a form. Email from your NDMU email account stating what type(s) of loans you would like changed, for what semester(s), and the amount you would like to receive.

Increasing PLUS Loans or Private Student Loans

  • Graduate or Parent PLUS Loan: Go to to request an increase to an existing, active PLUS Loan application.
  • Private Student Loan: Contact your loan provider to request an increase on an existing, active loan.

Requesting Summer Aid

Summer Aid will no longer require a request. Upon registering for Summer classes, students who have submitted a FAFSA for the applicable year will be reviewed for aid eligibility and any remaining aid that can be offered shall be.

2024–2025 Forms

General Financial Aid Forms

Appeal Forms