If you received a Final Award Letter, complete the steps below to active your financial aid.

1. Review Assumptions

Information regarding your assumptions is listed in the upper right side of your award letter. It includes information about:

  • Enrollment (F-full time, Q-three-quarter time, H-half-time, L-less than half-time, N-not enrolled)
  • Dependency Status
  • Housing Plans
  • Student Type

If our assumptions are inaccurate, you must contact our office to update our records. Use our Forms to correct or update your enrollment, housing, or dependency status.

2. Review Grants/Scholarships

Pell Grants

If a Federal Pell Grant is listed on your award letter, the grant amount will be adjusted if your actual enrollment as of census differs from the anticipated enrollment. Pell Grants are only available to undergraduate students that have not used their full 600% lifetime eligibility limit.

State Awards

If your award letter lists any state awards, visit the Maryland College Aid Processing System to accept the state award(s).

Census Policy

Some grants/scholarships could be adjusted if your enrollment as of census is less than the award requires.

3. Review Student Loans

Since this is the first time you are receiving Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans at Notre Dame, you must apply for the loans by the priority deadline. To reduce or cancel offered loans, complete the appropriate request form found in Forms and Publications.

4. Review Other Resources

If your award letter lists a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, note that it is subject to credit approval and you must apply for the loan by the priority deadline.

5. Notify Notre Dame About External Scholarships or Other Educationally Related Financial Assistance

If you receive an external scholarship or other educationally related financial assistance (i.e. tuition assistance) from any source other than that which is indicated on your award letter, you MUST send our office a copy of the paperwork. The University will then notify you of any impact to your financial aid package.

6. Use the Financial Aid Calculator

The Financial Aid Calculator will help you determine if you will have a balance due or if your financial aid will cover your bill.

7. Consider Options for Additional Funds

You may seek out private loans or external scholarships to help cover your balance. If you still need help paying your balance, you can set up a FACTS Payment Plan through our Business Office. Parents of dependent undergraduate students should consider the PLUS loan, and follow the instructions to apply for the loan by the priority deadline. Note that it is subject to credit approval.

8. Review Disbursement Information

The Disbursement Schedule will help you determine when financial aid funds will be credited to your student account.

9. Stay Informed

Review our policies and visit the Financial Aid page for announcements.

Enrollment Changes

Please note that if your actual enrollment changes from your original assumption on your award letter, your aid may be decreased or cancelled. All changes will be communicated via email and available to view on WebAdvisor (once access is granted).