Students must meet class eligibility guidelines to receive financial aid for their courses.

Module-Based Classes

  • A module is any class that does not span the full length of the semester. 
  • You will NOT be considered to have enrolled in modules if you enroll in courses that span the entire length of the semester (fall or spring, which are 14-15 weeks long)
  • You will be considered to have enrolled in modules if you enroll in any courses for the summer semester or winterim. 

For modules, you will not be considered to have withdrawn for the semester, if when you stop attending, you:

  1. provide, at the time you would have a withdrawal, written confirmation stating that you will attend another course later in the same semester,
  2. are scheduled to begin another class during the semester no later than 45 calendar days after the end of the one you ceased attending.

If this confirmation is not received and/or if you fail to attend the later class, a return of funds calculation will be done based on the date of the original withdrawal. 

Repeating Classes Policy

If an undergraduate student fails a course, he/she can get financial aid for repeating it because no credit hours were earned (as long as a student continues to meet Satisfactory Academic Standards). *Please note that graduate and professional students are not subject to this regulation.

Undergraduate students can get financial aid only once for a previously passed course in which they earned credit if a student needs to repeat the class.

Example: Sarah receives a C in her biology class in the spring 2011. If Sarah repeats the class in the fall 11, our office will count the class towards Sarah’s financial aid enrollment one more time.

If a student is repeating a previously passed course because other coursework was failed, our office will not count the repeated class.

Example: Peter attends a program in which coursework is taking in strict sequence. Peter passes two classes, but fails another class. If Peter must repeat all three classes during the next semester, our office could only count one class towards Peter’s financial aid enrollment one class.

Other Examples:

Course # 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Is the class eligible for financial aid for the enrolled semester?
Course 1 F D Enrolled Yes
Course 2 D Enrolled   Yes
Course 3 D D Enrolled No
Course 4 D F Enrolled No
Course 5 W F Enrolled Yes

Auditing Classes Policy

Financial aid may not be used to pay for audited courses.

Example: Mary is enrolled for 12 credits and decided to change a grading method for one class to an audit. Regardless on when the change will take place, our office will need to revise Mary’s aid and exclude the audited class.

Courses Counted for Financial Aid Purposes

For financial aid purposes, only classes offered as part of the student's program of study will count towards the number of credits the student is enrolled in.

Example: A graduate student must take at least 6 credits of graduate level courses to be eligible for financial aid. A graduate student taking a 3 credit graduate course and a 3 credit undergraduate course is not eligible for financial aid.