Austine McDonnell Hearst portraitAustine McDonnell Hearst '89 (honorary)

Following in the footsteps of her mother and aunt, Austine Mc Donnell came to Notre Dame of Maryland as a young girl and spent four years as a boarder in the preparatory school here. After a visit to the campus in 1989 to receive an honorary degree which recognized her deep concern of others, her sense of history and her philanthropic service, Austine wrote to Sister Kathleen Feeley, “How I hope and pray I can be of some help in obtaining your goals for the College.” As a well-known journalist, columnist and radio personality, Austine wanted to preserve for generations of students at Notre Dame the education she knew first hand was “the best.” She and her husband, William R. Hearst, Jr. left a legacy to the University by petitioning the Hearst Foundation to grant an endowed scholarship. Following her death, her deepest hope and fervent prayer were answered through her bequest. Austine guaranteed that minority students would benefit from “the best,” an education at Notre Dame. Her legacy lives on at Notre Dame.

Jane Edelen Healy portraitJane Edelen Healy '39

A school social worker and homemaker, Jane valued her Notre Dame education stating, "How fortunate we all are to have had our Catholic women's college education. It has added a dimension to our lives that a secular college could never have given us." Jane's bequest provides future students this change-making opportunity.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Bernadine Dorsey Kozlowski portrait

Bernadine Dorsey Kozlowski '48 and John S. Kozlowski

Bernadine and her husband John invested in the future of Notre Dame by leaving a legacy so that the Notre Dame reputation for excellence will be maintained in the changing and challenging educational environment of the twenty-first century. Their gift will touch the lives of students yet to come.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Shirley Hughes Lentz portrait

Shirley Hughes Lentz '52

To Shirley belongs that quiet joy which enters only into the gentle heart," her yearbook states. Shirley, an English major, began her twenty-eight years of public school teaching with a classroom demonstration of gifted students on WBAL-TV. Throughout her career, she transformed her high school students' ability to express their innermost thoughts in prose and poetry and to communicate with clarity and conviction. This gentle heart transformed her joy into a bequest for Notre Dame.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Corinne Bowling Linton portrait

Corinne Bowling Linton '64

With hopes and aspirations high, Corinne began her studies at Notre Dame as a pre-med student. She continued her education, achieved her goal, taught in Florida colleges and compiled and published a series of teaching aids and reference books in medical terminology. Because Corinne valued the education she received at Notre Dame, she endowed a scholarship through a bequest. Through her legacy, she empowers future Notre Dame students to become leaders in their fields, and in their communities throughout the world.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Mary Jane McManus portrait

Mary Jane McManus '45

"Sister Alma has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest influences on my life," Mary Jane wrote. For thirty-five years as a microbiologist in the Baltimore City Health Department, Mary Jane showed her appreciation for the person who changed her life by contributing regularly to the Sister Alma McNicholas Scientists Program. Mary Jane knew that it was within her power to make a difference in the lives of future students at Notre Dame and of the world of tomorrow by leaving a bequest that would change lives, just as hers had been charged by Sister Alma.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Julie Kline Rybczynski portrait

Julie Kline Rybczynski '99

Julie cherished Notre Dame, she cherished her Catholic faith, her family and friends. She cherished life. Julie brought great joy to everyone, was a very engaging leader, and a quintessential Notre Dame woman. "Notre Dame was the only campus...that made me feel personally welcomed and cared for. It is an experience that carries on to this day." Julie's bequest carries on her joy in leadership to future Notre Dame women with the Julie Kline Rybczynski '99 Endowed Fund for the Arts. The Loyola/Notre Dame Library was able to install a permanent exhibit to house the beautiful St. John's Bible through a portion of Julie's gift.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Mary Irene Knoller Schrum portrait

Mary Irene Knoller Schrum '48

"The chemist of truth and fineness...with deep resources of character and deep-mindedness" was the yearbook description of Mary Irene as a student and was also true as she fulfilled her life's dream. Serving Baltimore's health institutions as a chemist for thirty-five years, she stated, "Notre Dame gave me a fascinating career in the chem lab and prepared me with a good education to meet many challenges in my work and private life." Mary Irene's bequest reflects the quality of her character and provides new resources for future chemists at Notre Dame.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Elise Marie Tracey portrait

Elise Marie Tracey '50

As a Senior Histotechnologist at Baltimore's Sinai Hospital, Elise realized the value of her classes in biology with her professor, Sister Alma. To provide this quality education for future students, Elise left a bequest to the Sister Mary Alma McNicholas Scientists Program guaranteeing that financial support will be available for student biologists in the use of technology at Notre Dame.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011

Dorothy Ludwig Hammond '34

"I loved my days at Notre Dame and treasure the memories," stated Dot at 95 years of age. A very creative and artistic person, she envisioned giving other young women the same opportunity by leaving a legacy for Notre Dame to continue to prepare compassionate leaders who change lives.

Legacy Gift recognized in Fiscal Year 2011