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The Gibbons Project

The Gibbons Project, a $6.5 million effort that will renew the historic beauty of Gibbons Hall, will renovate classrooms and corridors to provide exceptional instructional space and centers of academic excellence for 21st-century students. To complete the capital project, Notre Dame of Maryland University must meet the challenge of a matching grant from the State of Maryland to raise $3.3 million in private funds by June 1, 2017.

Gibbons represents our past, our present and very much our future. We will build on this extraordinary foundation to prepare our students to lead in classrooms, hospital rooms, courtrooms, boardrooms, corporations, and wherever their passions and talents may take them.

- President Marylou Yam

The renovation and new programs housed in updated classrooms will be guided by the NDMU Strategic Plan, 2015-2020, entitled Inspired by Tradition: the Path to Transformation, and developed under the leadership of President Marylou Yam.

Plans Include

  • The Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Global Digital Classroom
  • Media Center
  • The Center for Catholic Education
  • A reignited Women’s Institute of Notre Dame (WIN)
  • Institute for Global Leadership

Project Goal

The primary goal of the project is to equip Gibbons Hall with instructional tools today’s students need to lead with competence and commitment in an interconnected and intercultural world, and join the proud ranks of NDMU graduates who have gone on to enrich and transform their communities, the nation, and the world.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame Atlantic-Midwest Province has pledged significant grant support for The Gibbons Project. Their generosity will support the new Center for Catholic Education, which will position NDMU as a leader in Catholic higher education, while leveraging the resources of existing School of Education programs and the University to support excellence in K-12 Catholic education in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Contact Us

To learn more about how you can be a part of the Gibbons Project, please contact:

Kelley Q. Kilduff
Associate Vice President for Advancement