Billing Process

  1. Statements are generated on a monthly basis and emailed to your account.
  2. Payment is due one month before the start of the semester for students who took advantage of early registration
    • Fall - July 27th
    • Spring - December 27th
  3. Follow-up billings reflecting additional charges or adjustments continue on a monthly basis.

Late Payments

If a student fails to pay by the payment due date, that student:

  • Will incur a monthly late payment fee; and
  • May be barred from attending class.

Financial Obligations

Financial obligations incurred or billed during a semester must be settled before a student may:

  • Register for classes;
  • Make a room deposit for another semester; or 
  • Receive final grades.

Transcripts and diplomas cannot be released until all financial obligations have been met.

Note: Policies vary for students receiving VA education benefits. Please refer to Veteran Services.

Payment Options

Students should confer with the Business Office regarding additional payment options.

The University reserves the right to require cash or a cashier’s check at its discretion.

Refund Policies

Refund Schedule

See Refund Policy

Note:- For individual music lessons, no refunds will be made after the first class session.

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Tuition adjustments are based upon the total tuition due for all courses in any given semester. They are made on a percentage basis dependent on the date that the written withdrawal request is received in the registrar’s office.

Withdrawal Requests

Telephone messages, communications with faculty members or advisors, and nonattendance at class are not valid methods of withdrawing from classes and do not obligate the University to refund all or part of the tuition.


Non-payment of tuition without proper notification to the registrar’s office of withdrawal from classes does not obligate the tuition adjustme

Credit Balances

When the application of federal financial aid, institutional awards, outside scholarships and other payments are recorded to a student account results in a credit balance, a refund will be issued to the student. 

Parent PLUS loans are processed per financial regulations and the refund may be issued to the parent.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid refunds are automatically processed twice per week. Refunds are not disbursed on weekends or holidays.

Receive a Refund

All refund checks are mailed to the permanent address on the student record, or via direct deposit to the student's bank account. Students cannot pick up a refund check.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep the address information up-to-date.

Student Account

You may view your student account on WebAdvisor to track the posting of charges and credits (including refunds) to your account. You can also set up direct deposit for refunds.

  1. Select "login.”
  2. Enter your “user id” and “password” and click “submit.” 
  3. Select “students” to open the menu that lists all of your options.
Other Refunds

If a refund is the result of withdrawing or dropping from courses, the refund schedule applies to the amount, if any, that the student may receive. 

Refund Request

Requests for refunds must be made to the business office or indicated on the course withdrawal form or the change in registration: drop/add form available in the registrar’s office or online

Choose the “Course Withdraw” or “Change in Registration: Drop/Add” form.

Refund Schedule

See Refund Policy

For individual music lessons, no refunds will be made after the first class session

Direct Deposit

You may configure your account to receive refunds via direct deposit rather than by check in WebAdvisor.

Registration, admission application fee and late fees are non-refundable.

A student who is receiving Title IV financial aid will be subject to the refund policy established by federal guidelines.

Business Office Holds

A Business Office hold is placed on your student account if you have a past due balance.