Why do I have a Business Office hold?

Business office holds are placed on students’ accounts that are delinquent on making payments. Unless the Third Party sponsorship payment plan or financial aid is being used, all payments are due by the assigned due dates.

If I do not receive a bill, do I have to pay?

Students are responsible for paying their bill on time. Payment is due to the University as indicated according to the semester that you are registered. 

If you do not receive a billing statement prior to the deadline dates you may contact the business office at 410-532-5744. 

Nondelivery of the billing statement does not release you from timely payment obligation or late payment assessments.

What if I register for classes and do not attend, but fail to drop them?

You will be responsible for all tuition and fees.

What if I drop my classes? Will I receive a complete refund?

The registration fee is nonrefundable. The only way to receive 100 percent of the tuition charges is if the course is dropped prior to the first class.

For more information, refer to the Refund Schedule under Billing Information.

Who may obtain information on my student account?

No one may obtain information on your student account without your written permission per FERPA guidelines:

Privacy Rights of Students

Notice is hereby given that Notre Dame of Maryland University is prepared to comply with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 90-247, as amended) and any regulations that may be promulgated there. Students and others who want specific information regarding their rights to access institutional educational records maintained in their names are advised to contact the registrar.

How do I make payments on my bill?

Please see payment options for a list of acceptable methods of payment with instructions.

Why is my outside scholarship not posted to my account?

Scholarship payments are posted as “payment received” on your account statement. If you are unsure that the scholarship payment has been received, you can contact the business office to confirm receipt.

What is sponsored billing?

Sponsored billing occurs when your employer or a third party is paying your bill or a portion of your bill on your behalf. Instead of your statement reflecting the full tuition and fees, it will indicate the dollar amounts for the charges for tuition and fees and the credit amounts the third party has indicated that they are responsible to pay.

Note: If for any reason your employer decides not to pay your bill, the “sponsored” charges will be reposted to your account. You are ultimately responsible for payment of your charges.

What are some of the reasons my employer may decide not to pay my bill?

Most employer sponsored payments require the employee to meet a certain grade level, i.e. “C” or higher. If you do not meet the employer’s grade requirement, the employer will not pay the University for your bill.

Also, an employer may set limits on the amount they will pay on your behalf in any given year. Your human resources department can provide information regarding your employer’s tuition reimbursement policy.

How do I obtain a receipt to submit to my employer?

Statements are available via Self-Service, if you need additional assistance please contact the Business Office at 410-532-5745

How will I receive notification about my refund?

Refunds are mailed unless the student has enrolled in direct deposit via Self Service portal

Refunds of federal funds are issued in 14 days after the loans have posted to the students account

Alternative loans refunds are issued when the University has received the funds from the lending institution and it has been posted to the students

Make sure that your address is correct in the system so that there are no delays in receiving your refund.

How will I receive my 1098T tax form?

Tax forms are available via Self-Service, if you need additional assistance please contact the Business Office at 410-532-5745