It is important that you handle your finances appropriately by paying your tuition and fees in a timely manner.

Under University policies, students who owe the University are blocked from registering for new classes and cannot obtain transcripts, diplomas, etc. until their account is brought current. Additionally, these students may be prohibited from returning to their rooms in the residence hall at the beginning of the next semester.

You are legally required to enroll for classes and carry a full course load each semester. Failure to do so places your legal status in the U.S. in jeopardy.

If at any time during your academic career you find yourself in financial difficulty, contact your international student advisor as early as possible to discuss your situation. You will also be referred to the professional staff in the Business Office.

It is important to work with these individuals to seek a resolution to your financial problem. It may be necessary to seek other sources of financial assistance to continue your education.