Success in college depends on many factors, including academic performance, social interactions, professional opportunities and service initiatives that bring you closer to your classmates and the NDMU community. Notre Dame provides a variety of services designed to provide assistance for students to enhance their college careers.


Hospital Job Listings

NDMU has partnered with Liquid Compass to offer a comprehensive list of job openings for current nursing students and recent graduates in our area and throughout the United States. Updated daily.

Study Abroad

Gain an understanding of the political and economic issues that impact nursing in other countries through a study abroad experience.

Short-term academic experiences abroad, carefully developed and planned by faculty members with expertise and extensive travel experience, can be taken for college credit or personal enrichment. Nursing students can participate in a Guatemalan Health and Culture experience or visit Canada to learn about nursing in a single-payer health system.

Academic Catalogs

Learn more about our numerous undergraduate and graduate courses.