The School of Pharmacy uses a two-step application process. The applicant must submit both a completed PharmCAS application and a School supplemental information and meet both the PharmCAS application deadline and the School supplemental information deadline. For all Pharmacy Application Deadlines please refer to the summary of deadlines located here.

PharmCAS Application

Applicants must apply via the online PharmCAS application which is available in July of the academic year preceding the year in which applicants plan to matriculate. Transcripts must be sent directly to the offices of PharmCAS.

Transcripts from International Institutions

Applicants who have taken coursework and/or earned a degree from a foreign institution must also submit to PharmCAS an evaluation of their transcripts from one of the following approved foreign transcript evaluation services:

Admission Decision

In addition to the online application and application fee, applicants are strongly encouraged to also forward official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to PharmCAS by the March 1st date.

PharmCAS will not consider an application complete and will not begin the verification process until all official transcripts are received. The School will only receive complete applications from PharmCAS.


For all Pharmacy Application Deadlines please refer to the summary of deadlines located here.

Letters of Reference

An applicant must request letters of reference from three individuals to be submitted directly to PharmCAS. The School of Pharmacy will only accept letters received from PharmCAS.

First Letter

One letter must be from a University professor who has taught the applicant in a science course.

Second and Third Letters

The remaining two letters of reference can be from:

  • Pre-health advisor/committee, science or other University professor that taught the applicant
  • Employer who had direct supervisory responsibilities for the applicant
  • Health professional who knows the applicant well.

Letters of reference must be received by the PharmCAS deadline dates.

For all Pharmacy Application Deadlines please refer to the summary of deadlines located here.

​Supplemental Information


After receiving applicants’ processed information from PharmCAS, the School of Pharmacy Office of Admissions will send instructions for completion of a Supplemental Information to applicants who meet the requirement of a preferably cumulative GPA and science GPA of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale.


Only completed applications received by the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline will be reviewed for potential entrance into the program. Applicants are also responsible for notifying the Office of Admissions of any changes in their mailing or e-mail addresses.

It is important that the Office of Admissions has accurate and current contact information for applicants. Applicants may forfeit their interview invitation or offer of admission if they do not provide current contact information.


For all Pharmacy Application Deadlines please refer to the summary of deadlines located here.

​On-Campus Interview

Once an applicant's file is complete, the director of admissions and the admissions committee review an applicant’s GPA determine the applicant’s interview eligibility. If they consider the applicant eligible for an on-campus interview, an invitation will be sent to the applicant.

All interviews are scheduled on a first-call/first-scheduled basis. No interviews will be granted until an individual's application process is complete.  

Interview Process

During the interview process, the applicant will meet with an interview panel consisting of pharmacy faculty members and pharmacists. Panel members will evaluate the applicant’s professional motivation and preparedness, personal qualities, communication skills and decision-making ability by rating the applicant on a standardized evaluation scale. The interview panel members will also review each interviewee's PharmCAS and School of Pharmacy Supplemental information to facilitate the interview process.

After reviewing the applicant’s completed application and interview evaluation, the admissions committee can recommend accepting, denying, or placing the applicant on an alternate list. This recommendation is then forwarded to the Dean for final approval.

​Notification of Acceptance

Applications to the School of Pharmacy are processed and reviewed during regular intervals in the admissions cycle until the class is filled.

Admission Deferments

An applicant who has been accepted for a given year must matriculate during that year. No admission deferments are allowed. If a student fails to matriculate, the student must reapply the following year if he/she wishes to be admitted to the School.

Reapplication Process

Applicants who are denied admission may re-apply to the School the following academic year. It is strongly recommended that applicants seek guidance from the office of admissions for strengthening their application.

If an applicant wishes to re-apply, a new application must be submitted to PharmCAS and the application will be processed in the same manner as any other application.

Transfer Admission

The School of Pharmacy may accept transfer students from other ACPE-accredited pharmacy schools or colleges as long as these students are in good academic and disciplinary standing and have legitimate reasons for seeking a transfer.

All requests for transfer information should be referred to the office of admissions so that the potential transfer applicant can be counseled prior to submitting an application. To be considered for transfer, a student must meet the School of Pharmacy’s general requirements for admission.

Documents to Submit by April 1st

  1. A letter to the director of admissions indicating why he/she wishes to transfer and explaining any difficulties encountered at his/her current institution;
  2. A completed School of Pharmacy transfer application;
  3. Official transcripts from all schools attended—undergraduate, graduate, and professional;
  4. A catalog and a detailed pharmacy syllabus for any courses for which advanced standing consideration is requested;
  5. A letter from the dean of the college of pharmacy in which the student is enrolled. The letter must indicate the student's current academic and disciplinary status and/or terms of withdrawal/dismissal;
  6. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the current college of pharmacy;
  7. Additional documents or letters of recommendation as determined necessary by the director of admissions or dean of the School of Pharmacy.

The Office of Admissions will collect and forward the student's portfolio to the office of the dean, School of Pharmacy for review. If the review is positive, the dean or her designee will invite the transferring student for an interview.

Advanced Standing

If the transferring student is admitted and requests advanced standing, the dean's office will forward the student's request to the appropriate faculty. No advanced standing credit will be awarded for professional pharmacy coursework completed at a foreign college or school of pharmacy.