To be considered for admission to the School of Pharmacy, an applicant must:
  1. Have completed or be in the process of completing 67 semester hours or 94 quarter hours of non-remedial, prerequisite coursework from a regionally accredited U.S. University or university. The student must earn a grade of C (not C minus) or better in each prerequisite course.
  2. International applicants must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of non-remedial prerequisite coursework from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States. Of the 30 semester hours, 15 hours must be in the sciences, six hours in non-remedial English composition, and three hours in speech/public speaking. These additional requirements are waived for applicants who completed their prerequisite coursework at a post-secondary Canadian institution that uses English as its primary language of instruction and documentation.
  3. All pre-pharmacy coursework requirements must be completed by the end of summer session I prior to matriculation to the School of Pharmacy.
  4. Preferably, earn a cumulative grade point average and science grade point average of 2.50 or better on a 4.00 scale. PharmCAS calculates the overall and science grade point average. Grades from all non-remedial courses completed post-high school are used to calculate the grade point average.
  5. Possess a people/service orientation, as demonstrated through community service or extracurricular activities.
  6. Possess the proper motivation for and commitment to the pharmacy profession as demonstrated by previous work, volunteer, or other life experiences.
  7. Possess the oral and written communication skills necessary to interact with patients and colleagues.
  8. Complete the School of Pharmacy’s on-campus interview process (by invitation only).
  9. Pass the School of Pharmacy criminal background check.
  10. Abide by Notre Dame of Maryland University Substance Abuse Policy. 

Note: PCAT is no longer required or considered for admission.

Prerequisite Courses 

Course Semester Credit Hours Quarter Credit Hours
 English  6  6
 Speech/Public Speaking  3  4
 Ethics (Medical Ethics preferred)  3  4
 Economics  3  4
 Calculus  3  4
 Statistics  3  4
 General Chemistry with Lab (for Science Majors)  8  12
 Organic Chemistry with Lab (for Science Majors)  8  12
 General Biology with Lab (for Science Majors)  8  12
 Microbiology with Lab (for Science Majors)  4  6
 Anatomy & Physiology (for Science Majors)^  6  9
 Physics (for Science Majors - mechanics, heat, force and motion must be included in the course)  3  4
 Psychology/Political Science/Social Science  6  9
 General Education* (divided among humanities, fine arts, foreign language, business, computer sciences, religious studies)  3  6

^ Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) courses taken at community colleges may not fulfill the School of Pharmacy’s A&P prerequisite requirement. Students taking these courses at a community college may be required to submit an Equivalency Course Request Form (PDF). A&P courses listed in the prerequisite equivalent tables for community colleges on the Notre Dame of Maryland website are not necessarily approved to fulfill this requirement. Please contact the Office of Admissions with any related questions. 

* Science, math, physical education, health care courses will not satisfy the general education requirement.

Note: The Admissions Committee will pay special attention to pre-pharmacy math and science coursework taken more than five years ago. Science and math coursework taken within five years are preferred.

Application Process

The School of Pharmacy uses a two-step application process. The applicant must submit both a completed PharmCAS application and a School supplemental application and meet both the PharmCAS application deadline and the School supplemental application deadline.

School of Pharmacy Application Process