The appeals policy outlines several scenarios in which students or parents may appeal financial aid status based on extenuating circumstances.

Professional Judgment Appeal

In cases of extenuating circumstances affecting a student’s financial eligibility, the student or the student’s parent can request special consideration by submitting the Professional Judgment Appeal Form. The form can be obtained from the office of financial aid or by downloading it from the financial aid website.

A student or a student’s parent should consider requesting review of the student’s eligibility if either experience:

  • Loss of employment
  • Lost of income due to retirement
  • Loss of income due to divorce or legal separation
  • Loss of income due to death of a spouse or parent
  • Loss of untaxed income or benefits
  • One-time income (such as early distribution from a 401K plan)
  • Loss or hardship due to disability or natural disaster.
  • Other extenuating circumstances

The documentation required in each case is listed on the professional judgment appeal form.

Dependency Appeal

A dependent student can request to be considered independent by submitting a Dependency Appeal Form. The form is available from the office of financial aid or by downloading it from the financial aid website. The required documentation is listed on the dependency appeal form.

Issues of professional judgment are reviewed by the director of financial aid for final determination.

Reasons that cannot be considered include:

  • the student is financially self-sufficient
  • parent(s) no longer claim the student on the tax return
  • parent(s) refusal or inability to pay for student's education

Cost of Attendance Increase Appeal

A student could request an increase to student’s cost of attendance for expenses not included or above financial aid allotment. The student needs to submit a Request To Increase Cost of Attendance Form and provide a documentation of the expenses (day-care costs, etc). If the appeal is approved, you may be able to borrow additional loans.

Extension of Institutional Aid Appeal

A student could request an extension to the institutional aid awarded if extenuating circumstances require a student to complete additional coursework. The student needs to submit a request in writing and provide a letter from an academic advisor. Please note such appeals are not reviewed until the summer.