The online Master of Science in Analytics prepares professionals to manage the architecture of knowledge from traditional- and online-based resources. The curriculum focuses on multidisciplinary competencies in knowledge management technologies, qualitative processes and economic principles of change risk management.
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The knowledge-based economy and the explosive growth of Internet-related information have increased the need for the creative and effective use of knowledge. Organizations must now manage the architecture of knowledge from a variety of traditional and Internet-based resources through Data Analytics.

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Computer Studies Courses

CST-530 Foundations of Analytics (3)
CST-531 Data Design and Management (3)
CST-532 Data Tools (3)
CST-540 Data Visualization (3)
CST-550 Project Management (3)
CST-610 Critical Inquiry (3)
CST-611 Data Security (3)
CST-620 Data Mining and Warehousing (3)

Mathematics Courses

MAT-575 Applied Statistics (3)
MAT-576 Data and Decision Modeling (3)

Business/Economics Courses

To be chosen with an advisor. (6 credits)

Total Credits = 36

Analytics Careers

  • Corporations
  • Medical Enterprises
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofit Organizations