The Nurse Educator Certificate Program offers graduates of a Master of Science degree program in nursing an opportunity to engage in scholarly inquiry related to nursing education grounded in caring science. Theory-guided, reflective practice informs curriculum understandings and educational praxis in a variety of settings. Practicum experiences are available in colleges and universities, clinical professional development in acute care and community settings, simulation sites, and other teaching and learning environments to meet the student’s needs.
MSN student giving a presentation on a health topic
Program Location

This program is available to those already holding a MSN, DNP, or PhD or currently enrolled in a MSN program at NDMU. 

Student Outcomes

As a student in this program, you will be able to:

  1. Explore the role of nurse educator through a caring science lens.
  2. Combine clinical expertise with nursing education to pursue career opportunities in academic, clinical, and community settings.
  3. Gain the skills and knowledge required to facilitate learning through curriculum design, teaching, evaluation and advisement.
  4. Complete a mentored practicum experience examining the educator role, utilizing principles of teaching and learning, implementing educational assessment and evaluating strategies.

Required Courses

NUR 502 Technology in Nursing Education:  A Caring Presence (3)
NUR 512 Issues and Trends in Nursing Education (3)
NUR 513C Curriculum Development and Evaluation Grounded in Caring Science (3) 
NUR 605C Teaching in Nursing Education Seminar and Practicum (3)

Total Credits: 12


This 12 credit Post-MSN Certificate in Nursing Education program is available to students already holding a MSN, DNP, or PhD or currently enrolled in a MSN program at NDMU. 

What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Small class sizes, cohorts, and personal attention provide a supportive learning environment while practica and study abroad experiences provide opportunities for enacting leadership in education.

Cohen Scholars Scholarship Program

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers scholarships through the Cohen Scholars Program for students pursuing the MSN - Leadership in Nursing Education concentration. Funded by the Maryland Nurse Support Program II, the scholarships help prepare students to become nurse educators, nurse faculty, or clinical educators in Maryland. Award recipients may receive scholarships up to the full amount of tuition and mandatory fees. Interested students may apply for Cohen Scholars through NDMU after applying to the University.

Cohen Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cohen Scholars Program?

The Cohen Scholars Program is funded by the Nurse Support Program II for students to complete the graduate degrees (MS, MSN, DNP, PhD, EdD) and core education coursework, including post-master's teaching certificates, necessary to prepare to become a nurse educator, nurse faculty or clinical educator in one of Maryland’s nursing degree programs. The Cohen Scholars are recognized as the next generation of nurse educators to fill the positions needed now and in the future and will serve as new nursing faculty and clinical educators to produce the additional nursing graduates required by Maryland’s hospitals and health systems.

What is the maximum amount of Cohen Scholars award?

The maximum amount of the award is equal to all tuition and mandatory fees for courses in the approved nursing plan of study at Maryland public and independent colleges and universities.

What is the eligibility criteria for the Cohen Scholars?

New nominees will be selected by faculty committees at each participating school, with Cohen Scholars mentoring plans completed. Nominees should be enrolled at a Maryland college or university as a graduate student in a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, post-graduate certificate program in nursing education, Doctorate (PhD, DNP) program or another graduate-level program required to advance the nursing educator career path. To be eligible, nominees must agree to the plan of study, core educational coursework, mentoring plan and maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA.

What is the plan of study, core educational coursework, and mentoring plan?

  1. The plan of study is the student’s coursework required to complete their degree.
  2. The core educational coursework consists of education courses totaling 9 credits.
  3. The mentoring plan is an individualized plan that will introduce and provide a rich experience for beginning teachers to experience the world of nursing education. An annual update of the mentoring plan will be required. This will be part of the evaluation process and progress reports. In addition, there is participation with NSP II GNF synchronous sessions and biweekly/monthly mentoring meetings.

What is the Cohen Scholars service obligation?

A recipient must sign a promissory note affirming that the recipient will serve as a nurse faculty at a Maryland institution with nursing degree programs by doing the following:

  1. Work one year as a full-time nurse faculty member/hospital educator/ approved educational role for each academic year, or portion thereof, the award was received as a full-time or part-time student; or
  2. As outlined in a recipient’s service obligation agreement and promissory note.

Individuals fulfilling their service obligations as a part-time nurse faculty member or hospital educator or approved educational role serving in Maryland must work two years for each year of their full-time employment obligation. Full-time employment is defined as 35 or more hours per week or a contract for 12 or more academic credit hours per semester in didactic instruction. Part-time employment is defined as 20-34 hours per week or a contract for less than 12 academic credit hours in didactic instruction or a clinical instruction contract for less than 12 contact hours or combination of less than 12 academic credit and/or contact hours per semester.

When does the service obligation begin?

The service obligation begins within six months after completion of your degree program, and cannot be fulfilled prior to completion. If you hold this scholarship with any other award requiring a service obligation, you must perform your service in consecutive years. A recipient must meet the service obligation at any Maryland institution granting nursing degrees and is not required to work at the sponsoring institution. If the service obligation is not met, the Cohen Scholars (formerly Hal and Jo Cohen GNF) award must be repaid with interest.

Does the Cohen Scholars automatically renew each year?

Students who have received this award in a prior year will continue to be eligible for the full program of study if they meet the requirements, follow the mentoring plan and continue to make good progress in the program.

How do I apply for the Cohen Scholars award?

Students can apply by submitting the Nomination form along with the Nomination Essay form, which should be submitted to the Project Director/Program Coordinator, Dr. Katelyn Quarry, at kquarry@ndm.edu.

In addition to the Cohen Scholars Nomination and Mentoring Plan form are there any other documents that need to be completed?

Cohen Scholars will need to complete a Promissory Note and a Cohen Scholars Service Obligation Agreement in addition to the Cohen Scholars Nomination form, the Nomination Essay form, and a Mentoring Plan.

When is the deadline to apply for the Cohen Scholars Program?

The deadline to submit the required information for acceptance is set annually. The deadline date for the is July 15.

When will I be notified if I am awarded Cohen Scholars funds?

Students will hear of their funding status within 10 days from the deadline date to submit the Nomination form.

When will the awards be applied to my account?

Awards will be applied to a student’s account after the Add/Drop period each semester.

After graduation whom do I contact to submit documentation that I am teaching?

The contact person for the Cohen Scholars Program is Dr. Katelyn Quarry, kquarry@ndm.edu.

If I can’t meet the service obligations am I responsible for repayment?

A recipient will be required to repay the Cohen Scholars (formerly Hal and Jo Cohen GNF) if the recipient has the award revoked; fails to meet the required GPA of 3.25; fails to complete the 9 SH of education core coursework; fails to complete the appropriate degree or certificate program; fails to graduate or demonstrate professional behavior; fails to become licensed or certified as required; has a license or certification revoked during education or service; fails to complete the Cohen Scholars mentoring plan with annual updates; fails to complete the annual questionnaire on performance of service obligation; fails to perform the required service for the required amount of time; or otherwise fails to carry out the obligations of the scholarship.

Can I be hired by the Notre Dame of Maryland School of Nursing?

Yes, it is possible to be hired by the School of Nursing but there is no guarantee of an offer of employment for students receiving Cohen Scholars funding. Cohen Scholars recipients should actively apply to as many schools as possible.

Practicum & Service Opportunities

Practicum experiences are tailored to meet your professional goals. Placements are coordinated through our faculty.

Possible placement locations include:

  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • Clinical Education Settings
  • Medical Centers
  • Professional Nursing Organizations
  • Non-Profit Agencies
  • Government Agencies