​Any student who accepts a student employee position accepts the responsibility of maintaining professional standards and agrees to the following:
  1. Perform his/her job assignment in a serious and responsible manner
  2. Follow a predetermined work schedule that is acceptable to both the student and the employer. The average hours worked per week is 4-5. The maximum number of hours per week a student can work is 20.
  3. Notify the appropriate supervisor as soon as possible when illness or other circumstances prevent the student from working. All student worker positions are very valuable to the efficiency and operation of the University.
  4. Students cannot work during class hours.
  5. Dress appropriately, be dependable and prompt, and conduct themselves in a businesslike manner.
  6. Discuss any work-related problems with the appropriate supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved, the student should contact Shannon Raum in Human Resources.
  7. Give the supervisor at least one week's notice before terminating a job assignment.
  8. All students must complete necessary paperwork before beginning work.
  9. Stop working immediately upon earning your award. Students are responsible for keeping track of their hours worked, unless other arrangements have been made with your supervisor.
  10. Students switching departments must contact the Federal Work Study coordinator prior to doing so.
  11. Students must complete new paperwork before switching departments.
  12. Students who are studying abroad must meet with their Financial Aid Counselor to see how studying abroad will impact their Federal Work Study funding.

**All Federal Work-Study is subject to change should a student receive additional aid that would cause an overaward or Satisfactory Academic Progress issues.**