Each year, Notre Dame of Maryland University celebrates the generosity and commitment of our leadership donors at the annual President's Reception.

On May 11, 2018, President Marylou Yam hosted the annual President's Reception in gratitude for NDMU's most generous and faithful donors. With over 100 guests in attendance, President Yam shared updates on recent successes at the University.

Dr. Yam was introduced by Brenda Jews, NDMU Board Chair, who shared the story of how she came to be so connected with Notre Dame and our students.

In order to bring some of the stories of Notre Dame students to the guests, Dr. Yam and Brenda shared a video highlighting some of NDMU's students and their experiences. Most importantly, they wanted to thank NDMU's donors for making their education as fulfilling, as meaningful, and as possible as it is. Enjoy!

Thank you to all of the donors who make a Notre Dame experience possible for all of our students!