Email Signatures

Signature Format

First and Last Name
Title 1
Title 2
Name of college, school, program or department
Notre Dame of Maryland University
4701 North Charles Street
MD 21210

Set Up Your Signature

  1. Open your Outlook client (not the web version).
  2. Open a new email.
  3. Click on the “Signature” dropdown and then click on “+” at the bottom left.
  4. In the “Signature” window, copy and paste the signature format information.
  5. Update it with your personal contact information.
  6. If you email primarily to those outside the University, you may add a logo icon.

Social Media Icons

Follow these instructions to update the social media icons to point to your school or program’s social media pages.

  1. Left click on the image/icon (after you’ve pasted it into your signature manager).
  2. Click on the “Hyperlink” icon to edit.
  3. Insert the URL for your social media page.


Send a test email to yourself and a colleague after updating your signature to confirm accurate spelling and functioning links.