Types of Requests

To request a marketing project, send a detailed email to marketing@ndm.edu.

  • Printed Publications (brochures, postcards, flyers/posters, programs etc.)
  • Advertising (planning or design)
  • New Web Page or Significant Update
  • Custom Designed Email (to be sent internally or externally)
  • Design for Giveaways/T-Shirts/Swag (items needed should be identified or already ordered)
  • Updates to Previous Projects

Note: Multiple related projects should be included in a single request. (Example: new web page and a brochure)

University Communications

If you need a press release, have a great story idea to pitch, or would like to add an event to community calendars, please contact Christian Kendzierski (410-532-5546).

Project Request Policies

Protecting Our Brand

To ensure consistent messaging and to maintain our brand identity, all external marketing initiatives must be reviewed and approved by the Marketing Department. This includes print, advertising, web, and digital communications that promote the University or one of its programs, locations, services or departments.

A consistent review process allows us to identify incorrect or outdated information, incorrect logo usage, typos and grammatical errors, etc. At best, each example represents a missed opportunity to elevate the visibility of the University; at worst, each can harm our reputation for excellence and quality.

Unapproved Projects

Unapproved projects that are publicly distributed will be reviewed by the Marketing Department for appropriate action. Projects that do not meet institutional standards may need to be reprinted at the originating department’s expense.

Project Requests

Whether it’s a brochure reprint, website update, advertising campaign or new brochure suite, we will collaborate with you to create the strongest materials while still meeting University identity standards. We need your help to ensure that all Notre Dame community members get the time and attention they deserve for their projects.

Details Needed

You must request your projects in a timely manner. When submitting a request, you’ll be asked to include a variety of information based on the type of project you are requesting. Depending on the project type, you should be prepared to answers questions regarding quantity, budget, size, mailing, delivery and content, if applicable.

Establishing a Deadline

Once we receive the request and determine that the marketing office currently has the time and resources available to complete your project by your requested deadline, a marketing team member(s) will be assigned to complete your request. If marketing is unable to meet your deadline as requested, we may suggest a different date. If the project is new or complex, we may arrange a meeting with you.

Processing Times

Since marketing projects are custom materials; processing times may vary from minimum production times listed below, especially for new and/or complex projects or during peak production periods such as May or August. Rush projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. As always, the office of marketing will work to get you your materials in a timely manner.

General Turnaround Times

The production times are guidelines only. When planning a project, consider time needed for printing and mailing, if necessary.

  • New Project - Allow a minimum of six weeks and up to six months (for complex projects) for planning, production and printing for most projects, including brochures and other marketing materials. Allow a minimum of two to three days for designing a one-page flyer or postcard and additional time for printing.
  • Significant Revision of an Existing Project - Allow a minimum of three to four weeks for production and printing.
  • Exact Reprint/Minor Copy Changes - Allow a few days for changes and up to two weeks for printing (depending on printing process, quantity, and document complexity).
  • Web Updates - Allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
  • New Web Initiative - Allow three weeks and up to six months (for complex projects) for production, depending on complexity of project.