The Multimedia Studio is a dedicated space to record and edit audio, video, and multimedia to enhance teaching and learning. Use the studio to bring your ideas to life.

Location / Hours: UAB 119, Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
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The Multimedia Studio features easy-to-use professional quality tools for the entire NDMU community:

  • Educators - Create course introductions, effective educational videos, explainer videos to teach complex concepts, and even animations.
  • Students - Record and produce a presentation for a multimedia assignment, create vlogs or podcasts for your student organization, or create an animated response to a writing prompt. 
  • Administrative Staff - Create explainer videos and tutorials, conduct candidate interviews, and even practice presentations.

Note: Professors must sanction class multimedia project for students to access the Studio (likewise, for faculty advisors and student organizations), and MMS Certification and completed contract are required for all users.

You Can Create:

Animated Presentations

Watch the Animation
Diane Aschenbrenner teaching

Course Introductions & Mini Lectures

Watch the Video

Audio Recordings & Podcasts

Listen to Recording
Screencast: email wall of shame

Flip the Classroom

Watch the Video

Expertise, Software, Hardware

The Studio is easy to use and easy to get started. So, we offer a self-paced online certificate in using the equipment and software. The training takes just 30 minutes and will get you familiar with all tools and resources in the Studio!