Sep 23

Damozel 100th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, September 23, 2023 - Saturday, September 23, 2023
Caroline Hall 5th Floor
This is a special event during Alumnae and Alumni Weekend. All members of the NDMU community are invited to attend.

Join the English Department to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Damozel, Notre Dame's literary magazine. First published in 1923 as a yearbook, Damozel evolved over a century into the award-winning magazine that exists today. Connect with English faculty, students, and alumnae, and enjoy high tea, archival displays of historic Damozel editions, and readings by former editors and contributors: Pat Montley '65, Joy Moody Lipsey '74, Mia Scharper '91, Kelly McNulty McMillen '96, Micah Castelo '18, and Sierra Ferrare '18.

Rose Glenn-headshots

Rose Glenn

Alumnae & Alumni Engagement Officer

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