March 7, 2017

100 Nights Senior Tradition

On February 23, the Class of 2017 attended 100 Nights, an annual event that Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) Women’s College students look forward to from the moment they become NDMU students. The tradition, established around the 1980s, is a time for graduating seniors to reflect on their experiences as undergraduates at Notre Dame. This year, the Class of 2017 board worked with the Alumnae Relations and Michelle Evans, the Director of Student Engagement and Community Programs, to create a fun-filled celebration for the graduating seniors, as well as the faculty and staff who have supported them along the way. The occasion included a cocktail hour at Noyes House, a “Living in Technicolor” themed dinner in Doyle Formal and an exciting night out in Federal Hill.

Cleaya Antes, senior nursing student and president of the Class of 2017, says that “planning 100 Nights was special and bittersweet.” Raven Chapin, a recent graduate from the School of Education and vice president of the Class of 2017, agreed and explains that it was “rewarding to put in the work.” Deja Martin, a senior marketing student and the board secretary, says that the most exciting part about planning 100 Nights was “coming up with the theme and decorating Doyle Formal” with board members who were just as excited as she was.

Meanwhile, Alumnae Relations suggested a new component to 100 Nights—the idea of a time capsule. Graduating seniors were asked to bring small mementos and write a message to place inside the time capsule box. The box will be kept in the archives and opened in 2042 when they celebrate their 25th class reunion.

What students will miss the most:

Cleaya Antes, Nursing ’17

“What I would miss the most are definitely the people and the environment. It’s amazing how those two things can greatly influence a person in four years. Everyone at Notre Dame has helped me become the woman I am today. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend a university that encouraged me to expand my limits and become a leader.”

Raven Chapin, Education ’17

“I will miss all of the people I have met, whether it’s my professors or my classmates, my bosses or coworkers, or my friends. Every person has impacted my life in one way or another. I could never repay them for it, but they helped shape the person I am right now. I have grown so much since my first year here. Everything has been a learning experience and I will be eternally grateful. The Notre Dame community is like a family; everyone looks out for you, helps you as much as possible and genuinely cares.”

Deja Martin, Marketing Communications ’17

“I will miss the friends, professors and coaches I have built relationships with over the last four years. Living on campus, you bond with the people and live with them for about eight out of the 12 months each year. The people I have met have expanded my mind, influenced, and encouraged me to keep pushing and reach my goals.”

Summara Abaid, Biology ’17

“I will miss EVERYTHING! But mostly the people. One of the main reasons I chose Notre Dame was how friendly the people were and how it felt like a huge community.”

Andrea Doten, Criminology ’17

“I will miss the support of the faculty and staff the most.”