July 11, 2017

Middle States Commission on Higher Education Reaffirms NDMU’s Accreditation

Notre Dame of Maryland University’s (NDMU) accreditation was fully reaffirmed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) for another eight years.

In a confirmation letter to NDMU President Marylou Yam, MSCHE Chair Gary Wirt, stated the Commission acted to "reaffirm accreditation and commend the institution for the quality of the self-study process."

“Having our accreditation reaffirmed is great news for our University,” said President Yam. “This speaks to NDMU’s excellence in and out of the classroom, our strength in fulfilling our mission and the Commission’s affirmation in NDMU to offer our students an educational experience in full compliance of national standards.”

Reaccreditation for NDMU began in 2015 and the two-year process was co-chaired by Sharon Slear, SSND, Ph.D. ’66, dean of the School of Education and Margaret Ellen Mahoney, SSND professor and chair of the English Department.

“Our faculty-led reaccreditation team here on campus did an outstanding job. This is another example of how the work of NDMU's dedicated faculty and staff help transform our mission into triumphs for our students and our institution,” said President Yam.

The Commission awarded reaffirmation after a comprehensive NDMU self-study was completed. The MSCHE evaluation process included peer reviews and campus visits by the Commission to determine how an institution meets its 14 national standards. The standards are based on overall educational quality and include the institution’s mission and goals as compared to the student’s learning experience, ethics and integrity, educational effectiveness, self-assessment, planning and resources, leadership and governance.

“This achievement reflects our faculty and staff’s commitment to develop a culture of assessment for continuous academic and institutional improvement that benefits our students,” said Clarenda Phillips, Provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non-governmental, regional membership association currently serving higher education institutions in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other geographic areas in which the Commission conducts accrediting activities.

It assures students and the public of the educational quality of higher education. The Commission's accreditation process ensures institutional accountability, self-appraisal, improvement, and innovation through peer review and the rigorous application of standards within the context of institutional mission.

NDMU’s accreditation was reaffirmed for the maximum amount of years set for a term and MSCHE will return to campus in 2025.