NDMU’s School of Education Receives Top Ranking

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) continues to be at the forefront of educating teachers in Maryland. NDMU is ranked number one for private universities or colleges in the state and second among public or private universities or colleges in preparing certified teachers in Maryland.
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NDMU’s popularity in the state for graduating educators stems from its careful and researched approach to how it is preparing educators and its high post-graduate job placement rate.

“We are helping set the standard for programs across the region,” says Sharon Slear, SSND, Dean School of Education. “We achieve this through extensive research into not only what educators need today but what they will need in the future as trends and populations change.” 

The university offers the most certifications in areas of education where there is a high demand for specialization. Presently, NDMU ensures its students are prepared to teach in TESOL, STEM, special education and mathematics—all high demand areas. By providing programs in these much-needed areas, NDMU helps local schools systems find new teachers. In return, our graduates experience high success rates in job placement. 95% of our graduates receive offers of employment before or upon graduation.

“Notre Dame’s education program is constantly evolving,” says Slear. “We are always looking ahead and identifying new concentration areas before they become demand areas. We make sure our students are prepared to enter the classroom.”

Among the unique aspects of NDMU’s program, undergraduate education majors are required to spend two full semesters serving as student teachers in area schools. This is more than NCATE, the nation’s official accreditor of education programs, requires but an essential component of the NDMU experience says Slear. “The more experience our students get actually teaching in the classroom and receiving real-world experience, the more prepared they are for their profession.”

“I didn’t have to stress about a job after graduation. I went to work right away in a pre-school, putting my degree to use,” says Emily Jordan, an NDMU graduate. “I love working with children and can’t wait to be in the classroom full-time.” In addition to her classroom duties, Jordan is currently enrolled in NDMU’s master’s program.

For more information on NDMU’s undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D. and certificate programs, please visit Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Education.

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