NDMU Announces Transition to Remote Learning for Fall 2020

This message from President Marylou Yam was sent to the NDMU community on August 7, 2020.
Message from the President with the University seal

Keeping our campus community safe and healthy has always been our top priority as the University has navigated through this impactful global pandemic. Despite NDMU’s comprehensive and solid planning for a return to campus, the University Board of Trustees has decided to transition to all-remote learning, with limited exceptions, for fall 2020.

The exceptions include a limited number of nursing and pharmacy lab courses that will be conducted in person following strict safety precautions. Updated: August 11, 2020 - In addition, we are also allowing for some students to reside on campus. This option will only be available to first-year students, junior and senior nursing students, pharmacy students, students whose grants/scholarship required them to live on campus (i.e. Bonner, Presidential, etc.), and students with other extenuating circumstances determined on a case by case basis. All residents will be required to adhere to established guidelines and safety measures, including testing.

The safety and health of our students, faculty and staff has caused us to make this tough, but important decision. The last several weeks have proven to show COVID-19 is still spreading. Locally and in some areas in our nation, we have even seen a rise in positive cases. Because of these increases, we feel remote learning is the safest path for our University Community.

The pandemic has made unusual demands on us and has reshaped our sense of normal. Now more than ever we will rely on each other and as we work as a team to navigate through this trying period. We have numerous assets including our strong mission driven University, faith and each other to manage effectively during these challenging times.

I want to thank all the faculty and staff for your tireless efforts and for working diligently in creating the return to campus plan, NDMU Together. These strong and vetted safety efforts will support our return to campus in the spring.

As we have in the past, we will meet these challenging times together and with the Notre Dame and SSND spirit of trusting and daring, I look forward to a dynamic and engaging semester as we serve our students.

Academic Calendar

The change to remote learning does not affect the existing academic calendar. Women’s College classes begin on August 24 while Graduate and CAUS classes begin on August 31. The School of Pharmacy calendar also remains the same. For more details please visit Academic Calendar.

Tuition and Room and Board

For those who have already paid room and board and will not be living on campus, a full refund will be submitted automatically. Tuition remains the same as posted as NDMU will continue to offer an exceptional educational experience focused on your learning.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is working diligently on every student’s individual financial aid package and will be reaching out to you during the week of August 10.

Nursing Clinical and Pharmacy Labs

Each program of study customizes processes and procedures to mitigate risk of exposure to any communicable disease, including COVID-19 for all required in-person experiential learning activities. The in-person experience will follow strict safety precautions. Please reach out to the School dean’s office or assigned course faculty member for specific details.

Technology Needs

As the University worked in the spring to meet the needs of our students, we will do so again to ensure our students have access to needed technology including computers and software that will make remote learning possible.


Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) suspended the fall 2020 athletic season due to safety and health concerns related to COVID-19. NDMU hopes to include some of the fall season play during the spring semester.

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