June 18, 2015

NDMU graduates head to Pakistan to work on clean water project

Recent ‪‎NDMU‬ graduates Amal Malik and Saba Shahzad are in Pakistan this summer to carry out a clean water initiative with funding they were awarded from the Davis Projects for Peace. Many members of the Notre Dame community also contributed to the initiative. 

This represents the ninth straight year that NDMU students have participated in the Davis Projects for Peace since it was begun in 2007.

Their project, which they call Pak Hamara Pakistan (Our Pure Pakistan), is an initiative to provide clean drinking water and hand hygiene education to the local communities of the flood-prone villages of Kasur, an area adjacent to the large city of Lahore, Pakistan. Amal and Saba will be working on the project with Caritas Pakistan Lahore, which is a Catholic social service agency similar to Catholic Relief Services or Catholic Charities in this country. Their goal is to work alongside Caritas Pakistan to install hand water pumps with an attached filtration system, as well as providing education about hand hygiene and the importance of hand washing.

They will be blogging during their month-long experience, so we can accompany them in this important work.

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