NDMU Students Recognized at Annual IMPRINT Celebration

Twenty-two Students Earn Badges in 2021-22, Four Become Program’s First Certificate Recipients
A group photo of NDMU students who earned IMPRINT badges in 2021-22.

BALTIMORE – Several Women’s College students were highlighted for their participation in Notre Dame of Maryland University’s IMPRINT program during a celebratory event at Fourier Library last week.

Kelsey Bialozynski ’22, Eliza Davis ’25, Bethany Jessee ’25 and Erin White ’23 became the first four students to earn certificates in the program, which debuted last spring. They were also part of a group of 22 students who combined to earn over 90 badges during the academic year.

IMPRINT is Notre Dame’s distinctive Women’s College Experience, designed to prepare students to lead in all aspects of their lives by building the confidence and courage needed to affect change. IMPRINT-designated events provide students with opportunities for growth in four key areas or “pillars”: Personal Leadership, Mentorship and Sponsorship, Global Awareness and Diversity, and Teamwork and Communication.

Students earn badges after attending events and submitting reflections on their experiences and the related learning goal. A certificate of achievement is awarded after five badges are collected in a single pillar.

“We are very excited by students’ enthusiastic participation in the program this year, and have been especially impressed by the quality of their reflections,” said Dr. Kate Bossert, associate professor of English and co-chair of the program along with Dr. Alexandra Chaillou, associate professor of mathematics. “Our students have been overwhelmingly positive about the quality of the IMPRINT-designated activities and how these experiences have supported their holistic growth, ranging from articulating a personal mission to analyzing political and economic issues, from collaborating on a team to building career networks.”

Bialozynski, who was additionally recognized as the program’s highest badge earner (19), earned certificates in both Personal Leadership and Global Awareness and Diversity. A four-year engagement coordinator on campus who has also been involved with several other clubs and organizations, Bialozynski was drawn to the IMPRINT reflections as a way to gain more of a lasting impact from the programs she was attending.

“Sometimes when you attend an event, you can forget about it after a day or two,” she said. “But by reflecting on it, you have the ability to learn so much more about both yourself and others. IMPRINT has helped myself and the other participants become more educated individuals outside of the classroom. They say that knowledge is power, and IMPRINT helps bring this to life.”

Kelsey Bialozynski receives one of her IMPRINT certificates.

One event that stood out for Bialozynski was a recent panel discussion on the war in Ukraine, which was co-sponsored by the Morrissy Honors Program and NDMU’s political science department.

“I’m Polish, and one of my closest friends on campus is Ukrainian, so that was a program that meant a lot to me,” Bialozynski said. “It opened my eyes to the overall impact the conflict was having, not just on Ukraine and the surrounding region, but the whole world.”

There were over 60 IMPRINT-designated activities sponsored by offices and programs across campus during the 2021-22 academic year. As the program continues to develop, students will have additional opportunities to be recognized. Those who earn 10 badges in all four pillars will be designated as an IMPRINT Scholar, and will receive honor cords and a citation at commencement.

“Awarding the first five certificates was an exciting milestone,” Dr. Bossert said. “We were pleased that first-year students were among our inaugural certificate earners, and we look forward to these students continuing to add to their IMPRINT portfolios. With 22 students earning badges this year, we anticipate awarding more certificates this fall!”

IMPRINT Badge Recipients

Malaak Ahmad
Zohra Ahmed
Kelsey Bialozynski (Certificates: Personal Leadership, Global Awareness and Diversity)
A’iesha Clark
Kelleigh Copinger
Michaela Cousins
Eliza Davis (Certificate: Global Awareness and Diversity)
Bethany Jessee (Certificate: Teamwork and Communication)
Diamond Johnson
Kritika KC
Jazmyne Kilgore
Caroline Kioko
Angelina Moree
Averee Radonovich
Cecia Zavala Ramos
Cliftina Rennie
Elena Rodriguez
Skylar Thomas
Mon'Yae Walker
Jannel Williams
Mary Joy Williams
Erin Marion Wright (Certificate: Personal Leadership)

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