New Makerspace Set to Open for NDMU Students

A new Makerspace area will soon be available for Notre Dame of Maryland students to bring their creative ideas to life.
Gators and Greyhound models

A new Makerspace area will soon be available for Notre Dame of Maryland students to bring their creative ideas to life. The space, housed in the Loyola Notre Dame Library is part of a three-year technology plan for future learning opportunities.​

The space applies to a variety of majors and extracurricular activities. Those in STEM fields will be able to use the 3D printers to create realistic models that they can take apart and use in presentations. For Communication and Design majors, the space offers creative freedom to put together art pieces or promotional items for class. The space also allows for the artistic and inventive side of students to flourish while working alongside other students.​

We recently sat down with LNDL staff to get a better understanding of what and how the Makerspace can benefit students.

  1. What is a makerspace?Computer creative makerspace
    “A makerspace is a DIY (Do It Yourself) space where people can create, invent and learn. A makerspace is about people as much as it is about technology. The Loyola Notre Dame Library hopes this makerspace will bring people together, foster creativity, and inspire experimentation.”
  2. How do you see the Makerspace directly helping students?
    “The makerspace is designed to support both curricular and extra-curricular activities. Instructors will be able to tie-in “creating” to class activities in order to enhance the learning experience. In addition, the makerspace will enable students to explore interests that may be outside their area of study in a low stress environment that encourages creativity; making can be fun, relaxing and encouraging.”
  3. What are the tools/equipment available in the makerspace?Music Computer creative makerspace 
    - Two (2) 3D Printers: Create a computer file, turn it in to a three- dimensional model, and print out the product.
    - HP Sprout with 3D Capture and Sense 3D Scanner: Scan 3D objects to create models for editing and merging into projects or for 3D printing. 
    - Large Format Printer: Print high quality photographic and graphic design posters. 
    - Sewing and Embroidery Machine: Mend, sew or embroider fabrics.
    - One Button Studio: Easily record video presentations at the touch of one button.
    - Music Creation Software: Use Logic Pro X, a full-featured music and audio application, for every aspect of music creation including recording, arranging, mixing and more.
  4. Why create the space now?
    “Faculty from both universities and from a broad spectrum of disciplines have expressed a need for maker technology. In fact, each item in our makerspace was based on a faculty recommendation.  In addition, we are aware that makerspaces are available in K-12 schools and students are starting to expect them in higher education. Finally, new pedagogical approaches can leverage the makerspace’s experiential learning opportunities.”
  5. Sewingcreative makerspaceDo you see this space for schoolwork, or can it expand to students’ extracurricular projects?
    “This space is not restricted to schoolwork. We believe that departments, groups, etc., will find the space useful, but so will individuals who just want to experience something new.”
  6. What is your future vision for the Makerspace?
    “Library staff imagine a robust user community that will use the space in novel and potentially unforeseen ways. Based on our continued engagement with faculty and students and our ongoing assessment of usage, we will add new technology and services for the community.”

The Makerspace area is located on the first floor near the library’s entrance. The Library will host a Grand Opening on October 26 from 2-4 p.m. Students, faculty and staff will be able to tour the space, ask questions, see the equipment in action and sample objects. There will also be a scavenger hunt and giveaways.

All students will be required to sign the Makerspace Agreement and schedule an appointment for training on how to operate the technology.  

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