August 16, 2017

Statement from Notre Dame of Maryland University President on Violence in Charlottesville

Notre Dame of Maryland University stands in full accord with the University of Virginia community, the people of Charlottesville and those who suffered as a result of escalated hate-filled violence and racism. We are saddened by the recent events and our thoughts and prayers are with those victims and their loved ones. Notre Dame is an institution of higher learning that values and promotes the whole person. We have no tolerance for bigotry, hatred and violence and we will continue to stand and partner with those who work to promote peace and equality.

The road to peace, equality and a socially just world is long and sometimes treacherous, but we have a responsibility to stay on it and keep moving forward. Our Mission to educate leaders to transform the world is our foundation and it keeps us focused on creating positive change. We are dedicated to supporting and building a society where inclusive communities, diversity, equality and human dignity take the lead.


Marylou Yam
Notre Dame of Maryland University