Spring 2020

Undergraduate Women's College

Please note final exam slots have been changed from 3 hours to 2 hours. There is the possibility of having three exams in one day. **Faculty members may submit a request to have their scheduled exam moved to the three-hour time slot, Monday, May 11th from 8am – 11am. Requests must be submitted via email to registrar@ndm.edu no later than April 1st. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to communicate this change to students.

Your Class Lecture Start Time Is:  Then Your Final Exam Will Be Held:
MWF 8:00 AM Tuesday May 12 8am - 10am
MWF 9:00 AM Wednesday May 13 8am - 10am
MWF 10:00 AM Tuesday May 12 11am-1pm
MWF 11:00 AM Wednesday May 13 11am-1pm
MWF 12:00 PM Thursday May 7 11am-1pm
MWF 1:00 PM Monday May 11 2pm-4pm
MWF 2:00 PM Tuesday May 12 2pm-4pm
MWF 3:00 PM & After Wednesday May 13 2pm-4pm
TTH 8:00 AM Thursday May 7 8am-10am
TTH 9:25 AM Friday May 8 8am-10am
TTH 10:50 AM Friday May 8 11am-1pm
TTH 1:40 PM Thursday May 7 2pm-4pm
TTH 3:05 PM Friday May 8 2pm-4pm
**BY REQUEST Monday May 11 8am-11am