How It Works

Requests for enrollment verification will be fulfilled after the drop/add period concludes for the semester for which enrollment verification is requested. Enrollment Verifications are processed within 3-5 days of the official request (excluding holidays and/or when major campuswide events are held, such as Commencement).

You may receive verification of enrollment even if all financial obligations have not been fulfilled.

Releasing Verification

Enrollment verifications will be:

  • Mailed to the address listed by students request;
  • Faxed to the number indicated by students request;
  • Made available for pickup in the Registrar's Office from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm; or 
  • Emailed to students email account

Enrollment verification can only be picked-up by the student whose record is being released unless written permission is given by the student. Any individual picking-up verification of enrollment must show picture identification at time of pick-up. 

Request Enrollment Verification

You can request an enrollment verification in the following ways:

  1. Fill out the Enrollment Verification Request on WebAdvisor through your personal student account.
  2. Send the verification form provided by a third party for completion to the registrar staff at
  3. In-person or email from students email account to the Registrar's Office at