Living-Learning Communities (LLC) connect students that share similar interests or goals. Members of an LLC live on the same floor in a residence hall and take part in unique experiences and activities related to the group’s theme.
Elizabeth Morrissy Honors LLC

Be part of a community of scholars by sharing space with fellow members of the Elizabeth Morrissy Honors program. The experience will include an orientation prior to the start of school. During the year, you will have opportunities to take part in various scholarly activities as well as service learning and social events. 

Eligible Students

  • First-Year Honors Students
  • Upper class Honors Students

Faculty Contact

Dr. Evelyn Spratt, Director of the Morrissy Honors Program

Nursing LLC

Connect with other students interested in nursing early on and learn more about the field before upper-level nursing courses begin in the junior year. The Nursing LLC gives you an opportunity to build strong relationships with your peers and make deeper connections with faculty and staff. The experience includes mentorship by an upper-level nursing student as well as events and activities rooted in the School of Nursing's philosophy.

Eligible Students

  •  First-Year Nursing Students

Faculty Contact 

Rodnita Davis, Assistant Director & Professor, Entry-level Nursing Programs

Sankofa Sister Circle LLC

Join a community where you can be your authentic self. The Sankofa Sister Circle LLC supports the holistic development of Black womyn in the diaspora through cultural programming which is academic, social and professional in nature. Although the focus is sophomore WC students, the experience includes a mentoring component involving first-year students.

Black Womyn in the Diaspora Defined

Black women born in Africa and living on the continent; African American women mean Black women born in the United States, and Black women in the Diaspora refers to women of African heritage born in the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  

Eligible Students

  • Sophomore Students from ALL Majors
  • Students who identify as a Black Womyn in the Diaspora

Faculty/Staff Contacts