What are the benefits of getting involved?
  • Make new friends.
  • Gain a sense of belonging.
  • Find other students that share your same interests.
  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Learn to network and communicate with others.
  • Build your resume.
How can I find upcoming events?

Check out the NDMU Events page, read our 7-day Forecast email that goes out every Friday and follow us on Instagram at @engage_ndmu.

There are so many things I can do at NDMU; how can I find where I fit?

The best way to know where you fit is to know who you are, what you have passion for, and what resources are available to you. NDMU has so much to offer that it is difficult to understand everything that is happening. Many times students have passion and energy, but they do not know where to target their efforts.

Student Engagement and Community Programs is in place to help you direct your efforts. We are knowledgeable of events, organizations and departments on campus. Stop by any of the staff or students’ virtual office hours and we can point you in the right direction.

How can getting involved help me reach my career goals?

Getting involved can help you meet faculty and staff members or other professionals with experience in your field. Plus, as you get more involved in an organization, you’ll have the opportunity to practice leadership skills, which are transferable to your career.

In today’s competitive job market, employers look for students who are well-rounded and have not spent their college years just attending class. Get involved in organizations that interest you and taking leadership roles in those organizations will give you skills that are highly marketable to future employers and will cause you to stand out in the applicant pool.

Is there such a thing as being “too involved”?

Yes, if you are involved in a combination of activities that limits your ability to enjoy the experiences of all of them you are too involved. Being involved in 1-3 groups that allow for meaningful personal growth can be much more valuable than simply being among the membership rosters of many organizations. We encourage students to find something that speaks to your passion, find an organization that connects with your career aspirations, and find one organization to get you outside your comfort zone or exposes you to a new concept/idea.

Prioritize the activities you are interested in and be selective when making commitments. If you realize you have gotten in over your head, it is better to resign from a position and let someone else step up to lead than to try to juggle and “drop the ball.”

What clubs and organizations are available on campus?

African-Caribbean Student Association
Bethel Campus Fellowship
Business Economics Society
Filipino Student Association
Growth in Nature
Hispanic Culture
Muslim Student Association
Pitch Fit, Planeteers
Pre-Pharmacy Club
Psychology Club
Rae of Sunshine
Commuters United
United Nations Club
Society of Women Engineers
Women for Justice

How do I start a new student organization?

Check out How to Start a Club and send an e-mail to sga@ndm.edu if you have additional questions.

What is the best way to contact Student Engagement and Community Programs?