University Leadership Council (ULC)

The purpose of the University Leadership Council (ULC) is to provide a vehicle for every student at Notre Dame of Maryland University to:

  • Participate in the life of the University;
  • Provide a channel to voice concerns related to the academic and co-curricular life of the University; and
  • Work to address those concerns by advocating for productive change.

Through self-government, participating in university-wide decision making, planning student life and being involved in student clubs and organizations, the ULC exists to ensure that every student can be a contributing member of the Notre Dame community.


The University Leadership Council is comprised of its executive committee (including the elected executive board) and three sister organizations.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is comprised of elected representatives from across the student body, the elected executives from the three sister organizations and the elected Board of Trustees representatives.

Sister Organizations

  • Inter-Organization Council (IOC)
  • Honor Board
  • Student Activities Board

The ULC is advised by the Vice President for Student Life.

Honor Board

The Honor Board works to educate the community about the Honor Code and hears allegations of violations of academic and behavioral standards of conduct.

Honor Board student members are elected by the student body and advised by the dean of students. 

The faculty representative to the Honor Board is elected by the faculty.

Inter-Organization Council (IOC)

The Inter-Organization Council (IOC) coordinates programming and activities on campus by allocating student funds to IOC member organizations so that quality programs and services are offered to students. Together, they work to make the campus a vibrant place.

The director of student activities and orientation is the adviser to IOC.

​Student Activities Board (SAB)

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is responsible for coordinating, implementing and promoting activities that are entertaining and/or educational in the nature, which will best serve the interests of the student body.

SAB provides leadership opportunities open to all students. Membership is open to all enrolled students and consists of an executive board and general student members.

Committee on Student Development

The purpose of the Committee on Student Development is to 

  1. Propose and review student development policy, subject to presidential approval;
  2. Serve as a final hearing board in student disciplinary matters;
  3. Function as a student advocacy group; and
  4. Act as an advisory group to the vice president for student life.
Board of Trustees Committee Representatives

The Board of Trustees Representatives are elected by the student body and are responsible for representing the student body to the Board of Trustees.

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

The Student Representative to the Board of Trustees is elected for a one-year term by the student body and serves as a non-voting member of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The vice president for student life is the advisor for the BOT student representative.