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The bachelor’s degree in Business at NDMU prepares tomorrow’s business leaders with the skills today’s employers are seeking: team building, persuasive communication, and conflict resolution. These skills are taught in tandem with a strong foundation in core business concepts developed through experience and experimentation. Our business majors solve complex business challenges in simulations, examine real case studies, and gain valuable internship experience to build their resumes. Graduates are prepared with professional skills and a thorough understanding of economics, marketing, management, and finance.
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Program Location

The Business Program at NDMU

Notre Dame offers three ways to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Business:

  • Traditional full-time, four-year program through the Undergraduate Studies
  • Hybrid 8-week courses designed for working adults (combines evening classes with online learning)
  • Fully online 8-week courses for maximum convenience through NDMU Online (includes 24/7 IT and library support)

Features of the Business Program

  • Flexibility – program format options to meet the needs of all learners
  • Internship Experience – practicum provides real, on-the-job experience
  • Professional Development – emphasis on leadership, communication, and soft skills valued by employers
  • Social Responsibility – special focus on ethical solutions to business problems that maximize sustainable results and benefit society
  • Globally Accredited – accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs, a mark of quality and excellence

Study at NDMU Online

Four-Year Plan (Undergraduate Studies only)

Below is a sample program of study for the business major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor. See course description for prerequisites and corequisites.

Fall Spring
First Year
NDMU-100 Perspectives in Education  4 BUS-334 Teamwork and Negotiation  3
ECO-212 Microeconomics 3 ECO-211 Macroeconomics 3
ENG-101 College Writing 3 Foreign Language (if required) 3
BUS-105 Create Your Future: Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship 3 General Education/Electives 6
Foreign Language 3 Computer Competency Completed  
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Second Year
BUS-253 Financial Accounting I 3 BUS-254 Managerial Accounting II 3
BUS-303 Principles of Marketing  3 BUS-310 Professional Communication 3
BUS-302 Principles of Management 3 BUS-225 Data Analysis for Business Decisions 3
General Education/Electives 6 General Education/Electives 6
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Third Year
BUS-321 Corporate Financial Management 3 BUS-350 International Business 3
BUS-304 Legal Environment of Business I 3 BUS-400 Leadership  3
Gen. Ed./Electives and/or Accounting concentration and/or Business electives 9 Gen. Ed./Electives and/or Accounting concentration and/or Business electives 9
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Fourth Year
ECO-402 Money and Banking 3 BUS-432 Advanced Business Policy 3
BUS-360 Business Research 3 BUS-461 Business Practicum 4
Business Elective or Accounting Concentration 3 Business Elective or Accounting Concentration 3
General Education/Electives 6 General Education/Electives 6
[15 credits]   [16 credits]  

Note: Business electives in management, marketing, finance, international business or human resources management may be taken in junior year if prerequisites are completed.


After completing the program, you will be able to:​

  1. Integrate quantitative and qualitative skills to solve problems and support decision making;
    1. Use economic, mathematical, statistical and probability concepts to analyze solve business problems.
    2.  Demonstrate critical thinking ability in identifying, analyzing and solving problems and in formulating and evaluating solutions. 
    3. Craft sustainable solutions to business problems using multiple frames of reference.
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership skills in a team environment;
    1. Display effective, ethical leader or member of a team and group interactions.
    2. Exhibit skill in communication, cooperation, group process, conflict resolution, giving feedback, and negotiation to contribute to team effectiveness and efficiency in achieving organizational goals.
  3. Communicate effectively in all business environments with different types of media;
    1.  Demonstrate professional, persuasive, analytical, logical, and effective oral communications.
    2.  Demonstrate professional, persuasive, analytical, logical, and effective written communications.
  4. Use technology to enhance business productivity and the quality of decision making.
    1. Conduct effective primary and secondary research to support decision making.
    2. Gather, analyze, use, and present information to make better business decisions.

Program Accreditation

Business Concentrations & Minors

At NDMU, our strength is our ability to weave your unique interests into your individual education. Adding a concentration or minor to your degree is a great way to craft an experience that aligns to your aspirations.

Accounting Concentration

Business majors in the Undergraduate Studies may choose an Accounting Concentration to prepare for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam. Passing the CPA exam is the first step to becoming a licensed CPA which can open up in-demand career opportunities in management consulting, financial planning, private or public accounting, and taxation.

Business Minor

The Minor in Business provides an understanding of the business environment as it relates to any given field. It is designed to be flexible so that courses may be selected to complement a wide variety of majors and career paths.

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Minor in Entrepreneurship provides an introduction to both business entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship that could be applied to any number of majors. A social entrepreneur identifies an issue and uses entrepreneurial principles to create and manage a venture to promote social change. Both areas develop skills in problem-solving, negotiation, organizing, and risk tolerance. All entrepreneurship minors will have an opportunity to create a business plan to pitch investors or apply for grants.

5-Year Accelerated Business Programs

Dual-degree programs offer a unique opportunity for business majors in the Undergraduate Studies to earn multiple degrees in an accelerated format, saving both time and money.

BA in Business/MA in Leadership & Management

Maximize your time at NDMU learning both the foundational skills needed for a career in business with the principles of becoming an effective leader. In five years, you can earn both a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in leadership and management.

Sasha Flores

Sasha Flores

Uniquely Designed for Your Success

Alum, NDMU Class of 2021
One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Notre Dame is that when you are put in a class that you would normally run away from, this school is uniquely designed to help you through it. When you take a class like data analysis or something mathematically driven, and you go to Notre Dame, you can guarantee that you are not going to fail because your teachers are going to support you through it, your fellow students are going to support you through it, and you’re going to come out on top every time.


One of the hallmarks of the rich educational environment at NDMU is the opportunity to participate in research in your field of interest. Our annual Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day provides the perfect forum to showcase your hard work with a formal research presentation to the NDMU community.

Practicum Experience

In the fourth year, business majors take everything learned and apply it to an approved professional experience. The 120-hour internship provides an opportunity to explore career interests, develop professional skills, and add experience to your resume. The corresponding practicum course also provides support with work-related issues and an opportunity to reflect on individual strengths and weaknesses.

Note: The practicum is required for undergraduate students. Those in the Adult Undergraduate or NDMU Online business program may waive the requirement with at least two years of professional work experience.

Business Careers

The business major prepares graduates to pursue a wide variety of career paths in business administration, banking, market research, project management, human resources, and more.

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Marketing Research
  • Project and Product Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Health Care Administration
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investments
  • Law 
  • Entrepreneurship