Students can gain professional experience as well as cultural competencies by interning, teaching or working abroad.

Intern Abroad

Gain language skills and hands-on work experience through internships arranged by International Studies Abroad (ISA).

Work Abroad Programs

BUNAC Working Adventures - Employment opportunities in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain

Teach Abroad Programs

There are many opportunities for Notre Dame students to teach overseas, including:

Teach in China - An exciting and affordable way to learn and work in China.

Teach in Thailand - A unique and affordable opportunity to live and work abroad while gaining insight into the life and culture of this fascinating culture.

The JET program - Assist English-language instructors in junior and senior high schools throughout Japan.

The Fulbright English Teaching Assistant programs - Places grantees in schools overseas to supplement local English language instruction and to provide a native speaker presence in classrooms.

International School Services (ISS) - A private, nonprofit organization that serves American and international schools overseas with services including recruitment and placement of qualified American teachers in K-12 school abroad.

Peace Corps - Sharpen your skills in a field you've always loved, or challenge yourself with a new opportunity. Volunteers go to work every day excited by the opportunity to make change.

International Education Internship