Vince Dicriscio

Head Athletic Trainer 410-532-5385

Janice Dixon

Instructional Assistant 410-532-5399
Janice Dixon

Anna Dolina

Associate Faculty 410-532-5566
headshot of anna

Gail Donahue

Director of Academy of Catholic Educators 410-532-5164

Emily Dow

Payroll Manager 410-532-5397

Kendra Downey

Financial Aid Specialist 410-532-5553

Francesca Downs

Records Assistant 410-532-5323

S. Paulette Doyas, SSND

Admissions Specialist - Data Entry 410-532-5540
Sister Paulette Doyas

S. Paula Dukehart, SSND

Coordinator of Mission Integration 410-532-5305
Headshot of Sister Paula Dukehart


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