In line with the University's mission statement, the Honor Board is here to strengthen, guide and educate all Notre Dame students along their journeys toward leadership.

Our Mission

Notre Dame of Maryland University Honor Board is committed to upholding the values set forth by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in promoting, instilling, and upholding academic and behavioral standards. Also, the Honor Board strives to build inclusive communities and to promote social responsibility.

What is the Honor Board?

The Honor Board works to educate the community about the Honor Code and hears allegations of violations of academic and behavioral standards of conduct. The Honor Board Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary are student members elected by the student body and advised by the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities. There are student representatives for each class in the Women's College, the College of Graduate Studies, and the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies. There are three faculty representatives elected by the faculty senate to the Honor Board and several university staff members that are appointed.

Leadership Team

Upholding a Notre Dame Tradition

Marie-Angele Messou
Honor Board Chairperson

Marguerite Linz
Honor Board Vice Chairperson

Kezia Sowah
Honor Board Secretary

Sarah Williamson
Honor Board Advisor

Natalie Gillard
Honor Board Co-Advisor

Honor Board Members

Victoria Meadows, Chairperson

Victoria Meadows

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience with Pre-Vet Concentration, Chemistry Minor
Class Year: 2015

What does the Honor Board mean to you?  

The Honor Board encompasses all of the beliefs and values set forth by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. As a member of the Notre Dame community, I take pride in being a part of such a prestigious component of the University that ensures the standing commitment of our student pledge.

Sandra-Marie Dibo-Amany, Vice Chairperson

Sandra-Maria Dibo-Amany

Hometown: Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa
Major: Business and Management
Class Year: 2014

What does the Honor Board mean to you?  

To my mind, the Honor Board is an organization which advocates justice, discipline, harmony, hard work and courage. It makes sure that life at Notre Dame of Maryland University is peaceful, valuable and enriching.

Elena Wengert, Secretary

Elena Wengert

Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MD
Major: Psychology
Class Year: 2016

What does the Honor Board mean to you?  

I view the Honor Board as knowing that the Honor Code I pledged at Honors Convocation will be practiced on a daily basis at Notre Dame of Maryland University. It's a lasting reminder of the pledge I took.

Keishia Beckles-Farrell, Adult Undergraduate Studies Representative

Hometown: Diamond Vale, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Major: Business with Minor in Corporate Communications
Class Year: 2014

What does the Honor Board mean to you? 

The Honor Board should not been seen as a negative organization, but as a forum for students to have their voices heard on matters of allegations of violations of the University Honor Code. As members of the Board, we serve as exemplars to the student body of the expectations of being a Notre Dame woman or man as we work to educate the community about the Honor Code.

Esther, School of Pharmacy Representative


Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
Major: Pharmacy
Class Year: 2015

What does the Honor Board mean to you? 

As a pharmacy student, the Honor Code is an essential part of my NDMU experience. The Honor Code emphasizes a set of values and focuses on integrity, something that I stand by every day. The University stresses that by upholding the Honor Code in our academic and social arena, it will better both ourselves and our community.

Kathryn Donadio, Class of 2015 Representative

Kathryn Donadio

Hometown: Reisterstown, MD
Major: Psychology and Criminology
Class Year: 2015

What does the Honor Board mean to you? 

The Honor Board emulates the founding principles and core values of the University and the School Sisters. The very nature of the Honor Board ensure the University's Code of Conduct so that we may all live, learn, and grow as Notre Dame women and men.

Marguerite Linz, Class of 2016 Representative

Maugerite Linz

Hometown: Parkville/Carney, MD
Major: Nursing
Class Year: 2016

What does the Honor Board mean to you?

The Honor Board represents the University's commitment to our Honor Code. It ensures that the high standards we place on ourselves, as students in and out of the classroom, create a community of respect, fairness and trust; a community in which we all would like to be a member. Being on the Honor Board allows me the opportunity to be involved in my school and school community. 

The Purpose

The Honor Code of Notre Dame of Maryland University has been a tradition since 1936 when un-proctored tests were initiated. It is founded on a pledge each student takes to act with integrity in academic and personal life. Based on the personal integrity of the individual and an active concern for others, the Honor Code is motivated by personal values, religious conviction, good taste, and the common good. Its purpose is to establish a university community founded on personal honor and mutual trust. This combination of personal commitment and community responsibility helps to strengthen each student as an individual and helps to develop mature powers of judgment and reason, intellectual and social honesty.  The Honor Code signifies the ideal of academic and personal integrity that each student is expected to model. Living the Honor Code strengthens the entire community and cultivates an atmosphere of unity founded on trust.

Belonging to the Notre Dame Community is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege to those who qualify and carries the responsibility to abide by the Honor Code. Adhering to the Honor Code is a responsibility shared by the entire campus community. Its effectiveness depends upon individual acceptance of responsibility and the reciprocal cooperation of the students, faculty, staff, and administration. Ultimately, each member of the community is expected to assume responsibility of his/her own conduct and to assume reasonable responsibility for the conduct of others. This results in mutual respect and a commitment of each member of the community toward civility. Within the spirit of the Honor Code, this may mean kind and courteous admonition when one observes another’s inappropriate conduct. At other times’ it means cooperation when authorities are investigating allegations of violations of academic or behavioral standards or encouraging the violators to report themselves. It is the responsibility of Notre Dame Students to understand and adhere to the Honor Code.