Job Simulations

Job simulation programs can help you become familiar with various occupations, develop your confidence, and improve your practical skills. As a new trend, these can sometimes be found on an employer’s listings on Handshake. Here are a few sites dedicated to this tool.

The Forage is an online platform providing free access to Virtual Experience Programs with world leading companies like  AccentureBCGCitiDeloitte, and JPMorgan Chase.  These “life-like” opportunities let you sample tasks that provide a better understanding of what it’s like to be a junior employee at that company. Each program takes 5-6 hours to complete and are self-paced. Some companies provide exclusive opportunities (like online networking events or prioritized internship applications) to students who complete their Virtual Experience Program.
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Intersect Job Sims is a compilation of tasks and projects performed by various types of professionals. Each simulation outlines duties and workflows. They relay the nature of the work in these functions and show how it is instrumentalized in a particular role.

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Case Challenges/Hackathons/Ideathons

Contests are crowdsourcing efforts that employers use to gain ideas. For students, if you win or place, they can showcase talent. Here are some sites and examples. These opportunities are increasingly placed onto Handshake Events as well.


Company Discovery Programs/Virtual Treks

Large employers sometimes have extended experiential offerings to learn more about their organizations and the possible roles for college graduates. Virtual treks are less involved and a shorter time commitment. You can find these on Handshake Events.