Internships are a common form of experiential learning. The idea of an internship is to provide students with direct experience in a work setting related to their career interests and academic focus. Internships afford the benefit of supervision and coaching from professionals in the field. These professional opportunities represent an effective experiential education exercise and create authentic applied opportunities for students. Internship experiences represent a venue for students to apply skill sets and what was learned in the classroom to a real world setting.


HANDSHAKE is the University's online job and internship database of businesses and organizations who are actively recruiting Notre Dame students and alumni.

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Quadjobs is an on-line marketplace for informal and local jobs such as tutoring and caregiving. It is used by local residents living near NDMU to post these types of jobs.


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These job sites are often ranked as being the most useful for job seekers. The list below is not in any particular order.

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The Career Center has more sites specific to particular occupations. Email for more information.

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Notre Dame is a member of the following consortia, which sponsor career-related events and publish resources for you to expand your professional network.


LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job searching, networking, connecting with alumni, and building your brand online.

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