Support & Care

Grace Cross

Student, NDMU Class of 2022

Art Therapy (BA)

NDMU’s community of students and faculty have helped me gain confidence both in and out of the classroom. The small campus has helped me find my voice and my leadership positions on campus have given me skills to use in my professional career. The tight-knit community helps me feel supported and cared for even when I’m far away from home.

Prepared to Lead

John Boyle

Alum, NDMU Class of 2015

I would not be leading my organization today, and I would not be leading it nearly as well, if not for my Notre Dame education. What I learned was practical, it was insightful, and it was exactly what I needed.”

A Voice to Share with the World

Irnande Altema, Esquire

Alum, NDMU Class of 2007


Notre Dame has allowed me to become my best self. First, my professors and others helped me to recognize that I indeed had a voice to share with the world. Next, NDMU helped me to deepen the knowledge and skills I needed to speak my mind and heart and to impact the lives of others.

Community that Rallies Around You

Michaela Seay

Student, NDMU Class of 2021

Nursing (Entry-Level BSN)

Notre Dame is a rigorous academic environment that allows you to grow in the classroom as well as in the world beyond campus. While you are pushed academically you are never alone; the close-knit community rallies around you to help you achieve more then you ever believed possible.”

Opportunities to Explore

Angelie Singh

Student, NDMU Class of 2021

International Studies, Spanish

Thanks to NDMU, I was able to go abroad for a year in Spain and participate in a summer abroad in Peru. I was given the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, both personally and academically."

Professors that Support Your Success

Sydney Miller

Student, NDMU Class of 2022

Political Science

The professors at NDMU always go the extra mile and are incredibility resourceful. They strive to know you as a student and as a person. In my experience, the professors always reach out and provide me with more opportunities to succeed and be happy, even when the semester is over!

Growth & Leadership

Colette Pierce

Alum, NDMU Class of 2020

Education, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Notre Dame has given me leadership opportunities on the field, in the classroom, and in campus activities. These experiences have shaped my leadership style and I have grown tremendously — as a mentor, programmer, captain, and student.

Becoming My Best Self

Fidelia Asomani

Student, NDMU Class of 2021


At NDMU, I am constantly inspired to excellence. This is an empowering education that instills confidence, showing me that my voice deserves to be heard and respected. Supported in every way by this caring community, I am confidently taking risks, broadening my perspective, and becoming my best self.

Confidence to Be a Leader

Sara Morales

Student, NDMU Class of 2023


Attending a women's college gives me the skills I need to be successful in life. From working with like-minded women to being surrounded by those with similar aspirations and values, I have become more confident to truly be who I am and in my ability to be a leader in the world.

Vice President of the SNPhA

Kofi Andoh

Student, NDMU Class of 2021

Doctor of Pharmacy

Congratulations to P4 pharmacy student Kofi Andoh on his election to the Student National Pharmaceutical Association's executive board. Kofi will serve as the organization's 2020-2021 Vice President.